High cutting and Distortion-Free

Ideal for construction industry; drywall and facades, air conditioning; ventilation and air duct, transport; automobile body and aircraft construction.

TRUMPF’s range of Slitting Shears

Superior cutting quality; TRUMPF’s range of slitting shears offer a fast process that ensures the end product is free from any deformation, with scratch free surface finish and dimensional accuracy. The unique spiral-shaped rolling of the chip prevents scratches on the workpiece for the ultimate workmanship.
Work precisely with straight or curves, with full view of the cutting line.

A highly versatile power tool, this machine comes equiped with different cutters and blades for a diverse range of applications, all in one machine.

Ready for immediate use with no additional set up required, simply use straight out of the tool box.

The TRUMPF slitting shears power tool range includes the following, we’ve chosen to feature we’ve chosen to feature one starter model TruTool C 160 and one full feature model XXXX.

TruTool C 160 Li-ion battery 10.8 V, TruTool C 160 with chip clipper, TruTool C 160 with chip clipper, Li-ion rechargeable battery 10.8 V, TruTool C 200 Li-ion battery 18 V, TruTool C 250 with chip clipper, TruTool C 250 with chip clipper, Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V.

The remaining models can be viewed on TRUMPF’s website.

TRUMPF Power Tool Slitting Shears - Distortion Free Cutting


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