Accelerating New Zealand Manufacturing

Headland provides machinery, technology, automation and advisory services. We support and advance the growth of manufacturing in New Zealand. Headland has one of New Zealand's largest teams of factory-trained engineers. Our focus is on enabling industry 4.0, automation, innovation and smart factories. We are a market leader at software and technology integration to support manufacturing.

Our Machines

Headland represents world-leading, innovative and cutting-edge machine technology brands. These include: TRUMPF. Nakamura-Tome. Hanel. Makino, STOPA and Tecoi. We exceed our clients' requirements in: Sheet metal. Metal fabrication. CNC machinery. Automated storage. 3D printing. Advanced additive manufacturing.

Sheet Metal
World-class machinery: TRUMPF 2D Lasers. 3D Lasers. Fiber Lasers. Laser Tube Cutting. Punching. Punch Laser. Press Brakes. Laser Marking.
Vertical and horizontal machinery: Lathes. Machining Centers. Milling. EDM. Cylindrical Grinding.
Metal Fabrication
Large Format Lasers. Metal Forming. Drill Lines. Angle Processing. Sawing. Shot Blasting. Robotic Welding. Bending Machinery.
Advanced Manufacturing
World-class machinery: 3D Printing. Metal 3D Printers. Colour 3D Printers. Laser Welders. X-Ray and CT Scanner Machines.
Storage & Cranes
Automated Storage. Sheet Metal Storage. Bar Storage. Magnet Systems. Specialised Crane solutions and machines.
Power Tools
We provide a complete range of power tools from TRUMPF: Fastening. Bevelling. Cutting. Specialised tools, including slat cleaners.


We work with world-leading suppliers to deliver technology enabled for industry 4.0. Automation, smart manufacturing, IoT and additive manufacturing are our focus. We help you dominate local and global markets.

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Software and Automation

Software and automation are our focus. We can improve your bottom line, through improved efficiencies and expanded capabilities. Headland guides you towards lights out manufacturing for greater growth, scale and competitiveness.

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We provide flexible, innovative machine solutions for New Zealand manufacturers. Headland can help transform your business into an industry 4.0 hub. Solutions available include: Laser Cutting. Metal Fabrication. Waterjet Cutting Machines. Advanced Manufacturing. CNC Machinery.

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Our team of over 25 field technicians and in-house technical experts are factory trained and ready to travel anywhere in New Zealand at a moments notice. We’ll ensure your machine continues to run at optimal performance while also providing rapid support if an urgent repair is required.

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Spare Parts

Our two warehouses hold over $1M in spare parts. We ensure you receive rapid delivery of urgent spare parts.

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Case Studies

We enable our clients to scale and accelerate their manufacturing businesses. Read our recent case studies from around New Zealand on the approach, technology, software and automation adopted.

Sheet Metal Manufacturing

“Without our TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 5000, we would need 3-4 times the staffing, floor space, machines and our rent would be a lot higher”, Greg Jones, Production Manager.

CNC Machining

Mastip is known as a pioneer and one of the top global manufacturers of hot runner solutions in the world.

CNC Machining

Adept is a leader in Plastic Processing offering complete product development and manufacturing services.

Why Clients Choose Us

As thought leaders in the industry, Headland enables customer success through innovation. With our independent advisory services, you start your journey at the discovery phase. Our specialists and industry contacts recommend the right technology solutions for your factory. We represent a range of brands across the industry, so we tailor our advice to suit your individual needs. This includes smart factories, IoT, Industry 4.0, and smart manufacturing.

We've been in business for over 70 years. Headland are proud to support and accelerate manufacturing in Australia and New Zealand.
We provide a wide range of machinery including: Sheet Metal. CNC. Metal Fabrication. Automated Storage. Waterjet. Advanced Manufacturing.
We provide you with complete, superior support. From machinery, sales, and installation to service, spare parts and relocation.

Our Clients are Leaders In Manufacturing

Headland has established an enviable reputation with innovative manufacturers and institutions.

Ready to Innovate Your Manufacturing Business?

Our experienced technical and sales specialists are industry experts. Get market-leading advice on the best machine technology for your business.

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