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TRUMPF’s TruBend Center 7020 – The Fastest Bending Machine on the Market

15 December

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TRUMPF’s TruBend Center 7020 – The Fastest Bending Machine on the Market

TRUMPF launched a new TruBend Center 7020 bending machine with increased automated panel bending speed and 60 percent more box height increasing from 220 millimetres to 350 millimetres. Now you can also achieve much faster cycle times thanks to the new rotary manipulator. A 2-axis manipulator allows for production of narrow profiles with increased flexibility.

Fast as you’ll ever see

This machine is designed for speed. The machine design is flexible, allowing for unload and unloading from multiple positions. The manipulator moves the part very close to the bending line, in most cases reducing the need for repositioning the grippers, dramatically increasing production speeds.

Process complex and tall parts

Process parts up to two metres long ideal for manufacturing electrical cabinetry and enclosures.

Material flexibility

This machine caters to a wide variety of materials, offering you the greatest flexibility in part production. With short set-up times your large or small jobs can be processed efficiently.

Small footprint

It’s only 6 x 6 metres so fitting it in to your production is no problem.

TecZone Bend

The TecZone Bend software enables speed programming and processing with reduced clicks.

If you are ready to give your company a real competitive edge, get in touch with our bending machine experts.

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