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Bend it like a TRUMPF TruBend 7050

30 April

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Bend it like a TRUMPF TruBend 7050

Why is this bending machine so great?

  • For bending small and large parts in an ergonomic environment with a 1.5 metre bed.
  • It’s super high speed.
  • Integrated tool storage cabinet for quick and easy tool changes.
  • Additional screen display.
  • Easy programming with TechZone Bend.
  • Achieve high output and high quality.
  • Easily movable, even by a forklift.
  • Work ergonomically either sitting or standing.
  • Safety first with BendGuard.
  • Mobile operation with MobileControl Pro.
  • Perfect angles and high flexibility for bending with the 6-axis backgauge.

How can this technology help your business?

  • These machines offer a high level of flexibility.
  • They are safe, easy to use and program, therefore a low level of training is required to set up and run them effectively and efficiently.

“The TRUMPF TruBend 7050 offers many features, the most notable are its high speed bending, reduced cycle times and integrated measuring through ACB. These machines are very user friendly and highly ergonomic”, Warrick Theron, Territory Sales Manager –  Sheet Metal Northern Region.

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