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Why Small Businesses Are Turning to CNC Machines

26 September

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Nationwide labor shortage

Anyone who has listened to the news in the last month will know Australian business is in the midst of a generational scramble for labour.

In the advanced manufacturing sector, that scramble has become acute as traditional trades like toolmaking, boiler-making and patternmaking have become less common and finding that staff more difficult and increasingly expensive.

Add to that the longer-term trends away from traditional trades and toward digital, and the closure of technical schools, and there are a lot of businesses looking at whether they need to look at a technological fix.

CNC solution

For those businesses using manual milling machines or lathes, a CNC machine offers quicker and higher production, the ability to execute more complex designs, greater accuracy, access to data and statistics, integration, and automation upgrades.

And for many businesses, the investment can pay for itself in as little as two years. Everything above and beyond that is a windfall.

For businesses looking to scale up in future there are options like gantry systems, robot loading and unloading of materials and products, or an upgrade to another machine.

Hyundai machines

A good entry point for those looking to buy a CNC machine is the Hyundai HD2200Y Series.

The HD2200Y Series has a high-quality build on the machine tool, precise and aligned geometry for increased reliability and life-cycle cost, conversational programming for easy set-up, and in-house support for applications, service, and preventative maintenance.

The Headland team can review your current processes and show you how to streamline production, providing you a detailed and customised package offering, including package pricing.

One of the valuable elements here is that Headland provides ongoing support, turnkey solutions and ease of operation that isn’t overly reliant on a small number of technicians who are in increasingly short supply.

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