MAXIEM Waterjet Machines - the Perfect Solution for Fabrication and Job Shops

Maxiem Waterjet Range

Built by OMAX, the MAXIEM waterjet range is a precision system, with all the features you need to produce the parts you want. This range of abrasive waterjets can cut virtually any material at of any thickness quickly and efficiently, maximising production and profitability.

The MAXIEM waterjet comes with standard patent-pending Intelli-TRAX traction drive within the X-Y axis beams, which is fully enclosed inside coated steel covers.

Renowned for reliability, downtime is significantly reduced thanks to the standard Intelli-VISOR SE System Monitoring, which provides predictive maintenance and system monitoring.

To obtain a smaller footprint, lower maintenance and high reliability, the MAXIEM waterjet range also comes with an optional scissor-style hard plumbing, which also adds a further element of safety to the machine by using high-pressure components.

The abrasive waterjet range comes fully equipped with a mobile control station, so that operators can easily access the cutting process with storage with storage for all of the tools and spare parts.


Fast, Precise Cutting

Faster speeds with the highest hydraulic horsepower at the nozzle available.





Powerful Controller

Powerful all-in-one user-friendly controller computer with large 23″ screen.



More efficient cutting due to OMAX’s Direct Drive Pump technology.

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