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TRUMPF’s ToolMaster – Become a Master of Bending

20 October

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Automatically Change Tools on your TruBend machines with the TRUMPF ToolMaster

Ok, this will change your life when it comes to sheet metal bending!

Imagine all that time spent on walking, searching and finding the the right tool for the job and then setting this up. With the ToolMaster, this manual process is replaced with an automated tool change of a few seconds. Allowing the operator to now focus on the job itself.

This machine is of great benefit when you are doing smaller runs and you have to change your tooling often. This machine will also help the operator with precise positioning of the tool, automatically.

With the changing manufacturing landscape, this machine will enable you to respond quickly to changed in production.

TRUMPF ToolMaster

The skinny;

  • Tools can be changed in a few seconds.
  • Capacity is huge, hold a variety of tools with a total of 60 upper tools and 48 lower tools.
  • Standard and special tools can be housed in the machine.
  • Retrofit this machine any time.
  • Parallel tooling set-up.
  • Protects tooling from corrosion with its enclosed casing.

TRUMPF ToolMaster

Technical Specifications

TRUMPF ToolMaser Specs

Simple setup You can set up your bending machine automatically for each new program with the automatic ToolMaster tool change system. This represents a priceless benefit, particularly for small lot sizes, as you save a great deal of time and effort in comparison to the manual procedure. Time spent searching and walking is now a thing of the past. While the ToolMaster changes your tools, you can take care of other tasks and benefit from user-friendly work processes. The precise positioning accuracy simplifies station operation for you.