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TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 3000

7 August

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The TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 3000 is an ideal supplementary machine or for first time users

This machine is easy to handle and it’s particularly useful for companies that might need an additional machine if other machines fail or demand increases temporarily.

Key benefits at a glance:

  • It’s very cost effective for the machine footprint, even when it’s not fully utilised.
  • It enables you to go after new markets and customers and create flexibility within your shop floor.
  • It’s easy and intuitive to use so it can be operated with minimal training.
  • Quality precision in terms of cutting and clamping for high quality production.


Demand for tubes is increasing

Demand for tubes is increasing and on a large scale. Demand for tubes made from a large variety of materials is also increasing. As a result consumer demand is also growing along with the demand for laser cut tubes. If you’re looking to increase your markets or service existing markets with better precision and reliability you might consider this entry level laser tube cutting machine from TRUMPF.

Tubes are everywhere

Wether it’s a designer lamp share, a scaffold for construction, agricultural machinery, cars, furniture, commercial vehicles, fitness equipment, and shop fitting, it’s all made from a laser tube cutting machine. A laser tube cutter offers great versatility and contouring freedom for all tube cutting requirements.

Why use a laser tube cutting machine?

When you cut with a laser, there is no need or the requirement is significantly reduced for; sawing, drilling, welding or deburring. The laser cutting process can replace a number of steps and reduce the time in which it take to manufacture a particular part. It also eliminates the need to change tooling to complete a job, ensuring your entire process is streamlined. At Headland, we also have the experts to help you redesign or reconfigure parts of your production process to ensure it’s efficiencies and cost effectiveness for your business. Email ( or contact service (0800 715 003)  to chat more about this service.

What material can you cut?

Precise and complex shapes can be cut from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium or nonferrous metal. You also have the flexibility with design options offering new market opportunities.

What do we mean by flexibility?

The versatile contouring options enable you to cut every conceivable contour with a laser beam. Design options are unlimited and the machines are easy to operate. With bending frames, for example, you will need fewer parts. Positioning aids facilitate error-free assembly.  The TRUMPF software that drives this machine enables automations with existing programming already set up, offering multiple options for programs already within the software and ready to use. The software also allows flexible data import and powerful design, supporting you entire laser tube production process.

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