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Timesavers – Deburring, Edge rounding, Radiussing Live Demonstration 14 October

8 October

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Timesavers – Deburring, Edge rounding, Radiussing Live Demonstration 14 October

Live Timesavers Deburring, Edge rounding, Radiussing Demonstration 14 October

2pm AEDT or 4pm NZ NZDT

On the Edge – working your edges on a Timesavers

In this Timesavers’ webinar, we’re going to dive into the ins and outs of edge processing of various types of metal parts. We will machine different parts,  shapes and materials, discuss what kind of edge processing is usually required for these parts, and show what processes you can apply to get the desired final result. Machines that will be used during this demonstration include; 22 Series WRBW, 32 Series WRBW, 42 Series HWRBW.

Metal shops of all types and sizes apply a fixed set of machines and technologies in their production. Various types of cutting, punching, bending and handling will do the job. Compared to these primary processes, product finishing such as surface and edge treatment are often considered as a secondary concern.

While being highly adapted in North-West Europe for over a decade, we have recently seen a surge in edge finishing requirements in Australia & New Zealand.

Various developments  make edge finishing increasingly important. Such as:

  • Health & safety in the production environment (cutting risk from sharp edges, work safety regulations).
  • Food safety requirements (getting rid of surfaces and edges on which bacteria can settle).
  • Further processing requirements (sharp edge, round edge, surface finish for visual effect).
  • Coating / painting requirements (round edges, no oxidation layer).
  • Cost cutting (automation of previously manual processes).

Timesavers have been at the forefront of  edge rounding processing since the beginning, will give an introduction to edge rounding – from the raw product, via pre-treatment, to applying the radius. As well as a practical introduction into the possibilities that the Timesavers machines can offer.

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