Stopa Universal - large scale storage systems

Stopa Universal – built for the heightened requirements of industry

The STOPA UNIVERSAL large-scale storage system is especially suitable for the heightened requirements of industry:

The Storage and Retrieval Unit of the Stopa Universal has been designed with the needs of the manufacturing industry in mind. It is based on a robust and reliable telescopic unit combined with an absolute travel measurement system for all axes. The stacking height check and the bay-occupied check feature further enhance system safety. Optical data transmission technology permits contact-free data transfer. The overhead bus bar ensures a reliable power supply. The travelling switchgear cabinet houses the control components.

For very high construction heights

If a large storage system is needed

If you have a lot of stations

If you have different pallet formats

Can integrate with Software Management System or ERP

Can store a wide variety of materials with differing formats, stacking heights and payloads

The Storage and Retrieval Unit is equipped with a plug-in manual control for the service mode.

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