Vertical Filing System Creates up to 60% More Office Space

The Hänel Rotomat Office is a vertical filing system that uses available room height in a tight office environment. Providing secure document storage to any workplace, the Rotomat uses costly office space to its full potential by making the most of room height to provide up to 60% more filing capacity. Using a carousel principle, the Rotomat’s compact design provides a large storage volume on a small footprint.

A user-friendly vertical filing system, the Rotomat operates on a carousel principle whereby the folders and documents come to the user within a matter of seconds. This guarantees a high level of workplace safety, with no need for bending, ladder climbing or walking long distances to reach and search for documentation.

The Rotomat Office is equipped with a Hänel Eco-Mode, which means that the user can switch between a variety of standby modes, making sure that energy consumption is always reduced to a minimum.

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Fully integrated user-friendly control system.

The superior design does not require any scheduled maintenance, which is unique within the industry.

Uses available room height to free up floor space for more desks.

Ergonomic design brings the correct file to eye level, ensuring no more bending, reaching, ladder climbing or walking long distances.

Items are stored away which protects them from dust, light and unauthorised access.

Lock and password protected for secure document storage.

Processes are sped up, as the requested document, folder or archive is automatically brought to the ergonomic retrieval height in a matter of seconds.

Elegant design with five colours to choose from – along with the option of customised finishes.

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