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Speeding up cutting, increasing precision, and lowering operational costs, the OMAX Intelli-MAX abrasive waterjet software suite is designed for easy usability. The Intelli-max software is the first machine tool software designed specifically for abrasive waterjet cutting that easily takes your design and prepares it for machining. Powerful cutting enhancements complete the process, quickly converting your design into reality with efficiency and precision.


With LAYOUT, you can easily create tool paths for your waterjet cutting system. It’s a CAD software that enables you to import files in DXF and other formats, loaded with specific features for waterjet machining, such as; tool path fonts, cut quality specification and more. The IntelliTRACE feature is included as standard. This feature enables you to turn an image (any digital image) into a vector file for cutting purposes.


MAKE is ultimate control for your waterjet machine. This software controls the nozzle, where to cut along the tool path, the flow of abrasive and high pressure water, this allows for accurate piercing of brittle materials. It also has built in compensations for speed, acceleration and jerk to ensure your waterjet machine produces optimal results. You can also handle corners with speed and ease, due to the advanced corner and piercing optimisations. This software cuts the part on the computer first, so you can see all the reporting for accurate quoting. It will show you the time it will take to machine the part, the speed the machine can run, all on-screen before it even starts cutting.

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