Warehouse Management Software from Hänel
Manual picking removed, efficiencies gained

High-Performance Inventory Management Software for Vertical Racking Systems

HänelSoft® offers a variety of functions for efficient storage management

Connecting the Hänel warehouse storage system to your business’ central intelligence system you’ll remove the need for manual picking and thereby streamlining your business. This software allows Rotomat®, Lockomat®, Lean-Lift® and Multi-Space® units to be managed, as well as other types of systems such as rack and pallet stores. A standardised host interface enables data exchange with any type of materials management system.

Business insight and efficiencies gained
Access your pick or sales order data from a real time ERP application.
Provides analysis reports on inventory status.
Real-time data exchange with your ERP system.

Optimise work schedules
Schedule batch jobs and build customised queries
Manages and controls any required number of storage units with minimal IT expense and maximum storage convenience.


Warehouse efficiencies
Operators work directly at the storage units.
Prioritised storage location search in front of the corresponding storage unit.

HänelSoft’s Master Data Management

HänelSoft’s master data management records the article number, name and additional information to help define storage strategies. While the interface to the Hänel storage systems request items/parts directly at the MP control unit. The pick and put operations of the software are based on article properties and storage strategy.

System information and analysis is presented on the screen or available for printout. The host interface enables manual data import and export and management of manual storerooms.

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