TRUMPF TruPunch 1000 (S19) - Highly Flexible Metal Punching

TruPunch 1000 (S19) – Metal Punching that Grows with you

The TRUMPF TruPunch 1000 metal punching machine offers quick and effective sheet metal processing of up to 0.25 in with up to 600 strokes per minute. This machine offers high flexibility with numerous automation and upgrade options, such as upgrading to a punch laser, at a time that suits your business.

Faster Part Processing

Process sheet thicknesses of up to 0.25 in with up to 600 strokes per minute.

High Flexibility

Upgrade to a punch laser machine at a time that suits your business.


The SheetMaster Compact enables reliable unloading and loading.

Delta Drive for a more Versatile Punching Head

The patented Delta Drive takes away the need for the sheet and support table to move in the Y axis because it enables the punching head to “fly”, i.e. to move back and forth, for the first time.

The TruPunch 1000 is ready for Growth.

When your business is ready the TruPunch 1000 can transform into a TruMatic 1000 fiber by retrofitting the laser and other components.

Strong and Compact

The TruPunch 1000 now takes up 15% less floor space than the previous model.


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