TRUMPF TruBend Cell 7000 - The Fastest Press Brake Machine

The Fastest Press Brake Machine in the World

TRUMPF has designed the TruBend Series 7000 as a perfect example of the coordinated interaction between operator and machine. The press brake machines of the TruBend Series 7000 processes high speed and acceleration for outstanding productivity.

This ergonomic high-speed machine bends small and medium-sized parts under the best working conditions, saving space for every production system.

Top Quality Output

Bend small and medium-sized parts ergonomically and of high quality.

Work Quickly and Safely

The BendGuard protects the operator during operation.

Ergonomically Designed

Work sitting or standing for ergonomic comfort.

High Level of Ergonomics

The TruBend Series 7000, is highly ergonomic and user-friendly. This press brake machine was the first bending machine to be ergonomically certified.



User-friendliness played a large part in the conceptual design of the TruBend Series 7000, and as a result, the machines are easy to use for operators. Operators can work quickly and efficiently, while part quality remains high.

With the ergonomic support consoles, operators have access to tools, blanks, or personal items. There is also the control that can be adjusted when standing or sitting, as well as the support table and the document holders.

Due to their small installation area, the compact TruBend Series 7000 will fit in any production system, and can be transported by forklift trucks.


Combining Precision with Productivity

TruBend Touchpoint is the simple interface for operating your press break machine. Its navigation follows an intuitive logic and has the perfect solution for any application, from simple to complex components.

The ACB Wireless system measures and corrects angles using two sensor disks which are integrated with the upper tool. In the process, they measure the exact angle electronically and ensure that it is perfect.

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