TRUMPF TruLaser Cell Series 8030 - Maximum 3D Laser Cutting Productivity

TRUMPF TruLaser Cell Series 8030 – The Most Productive 3D Laser Cutting

The highest productivity on the market.

TruLaser Cell 8030 provides 3D laser cutting of hot-formed components.

The second generation TruLaser Cell 8030 offers even higher production reliability.

You can now increase cost-effectiveness and your work dynamic. Select options such as the Smart Approach, Dynamic Level 2, or the rotary indexing table.

The process stability is also higher, increasing your components’ quality.

Easy to Use with Minimal Floor Space

Taking up less than 50 m² of floor space, the TruLaser Cell 8030 is an easy-to-use 3D laser cutting machine.

Mobile App

Operate and track your machines with simplicity and flexibility.

Rotary Indexing Table

Use of a robot in this section can provide a cost-effective partial automation.

Excellent Dynamics and Unique Automation Options

For minimal part costs and the best productivity, consider a TruLaser Cell 8030.

The Smart Approach function

This optimises and improves the approach behaviour, when piercing the component’s edge. This can reduce cycle time by up to 9% while ensuring the greatest effectiveness.

MobileControl App

The app transmits the interface of the standard control panel onto your tablet PC’s touch screen.

Rotary Indexing Table

This option helps by completely separating the loading and unloading areas. You can place a robot on the unloading side as a cost-effective partial automation option.

Increase productivity and produce more parts, with the shortest cycle times. Even with only one employee.

Compact Footprint

The TruLaser Cell 8030 setup is compact, very easy to use, and ergonomic. Access the rotary changer from the front and the sides. Plan several machines with flexibility, for your plant layout. Optimise the footprints or the preferred material flow.

WeldLine Basic Function

Perform basic welding tasks with ease. The TruLaser Cell 8030 has a manual valve to adjust the flow rate of the gas, which is necessary for welding.

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