TRUMPF TruLaser Cell Series 7000 - The Ultimate Solution for 3D Laser Tube Cutting

TRUMPF TruLaser Cell Series 7000 – 3D Laser Cutting for Laser Cut Metal Sheets

TruLaser Cell Series 7000

Convenient processing of laser-cut metal sheets in 2D or 3D tubes and other components.

Laser-cut metal sheets faster than ever before. This is because of quality machine dynamics and various smart functionalities. You can also optimise cycle times.

Process metals including mild steel, galvanised sheet metal, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.

Cut or weld metal parts, or change surfaces with deposition welding.

The Perfect Option for Designers

Thanks to its perfect precision with cutting tubes and profiles.


Tailor to Your Needs

Smart profile detection or flexible removal enable tailored set-ups.

User-Friendliness and Process Reliability

The operating concept accommodates to the needs of the operator.

Flexible Processing Options

The 2in1 fiber solution for solid-state lasers

This system allows the use of the same optical cable, for both welding and cutting.

The innovative fiber consists of an inner core and an outer ring. For cutting applications, the laser beam couples into the fiber core. In welding applications, it combines into the outer ring.

If you want to switch from cutting to welding or vice versa, replace the processing optics. Achieve the best laser cut sheet metal results. This is an easy to use system you can also utilise for more applications.

Future-proof and Cost-effective

TRUMPF TruLaser Cell Series 7000

Always be ready to face challenges of the laser cutting, sheet metal industry.

Experience a large reduction in your processing times. Dynamic cutting optics and magnetic coupling on the processing head reduces downtime. Cut the contact between the optics and the Z-axis if a collision occurs. This activates a safety shutdown.


Finest component quality.

Productive manufacturing.

Greater operator convenience.

Excellent process reliability.


Individualised entry.

Easy, ergonomic operation.

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