TRUMPF TruLaser Series 5000 - Highly Productive Cutting Machining

The TRUMPF TruLaser 5000 Series

Experience productive, high-end, flatbed laser cutting. You can achieve top quality results in thin and thick sheet metal. Benefits include high productivity, efficiency, speed, and reliable processes.

Intelligent functions and various automation options ensure great results while in continuous operation. The CO2 laser produces clear-cut and smooth edges. These are perfect machines for excellent laser cutting.

The power of functions such as CoolLine allows you to create small contours in thick mild steel. And you will notice the superb quality of these contours. The smart nozzle automation ensure a high quality of the nozzle. Experience the best processing results guaranteed.

Outstanding Reliability

Increase efficiency and reduce downtime with collision protection.

Smart Nozzle

High nozzle and lens quality.

MobileControl App

Machine information at a glance, direct to your mobile device.

Outstanding Reliability

Increase efficiency and reduce downtime, with collision protection options for your cutting head. In the event of collisions, avoid damage to the cutting head. They have high machine dynamics, even when producing complicated contours.


Your Smart Nozzle

The optimal condition of the nozzle and lens is important. This ensures seamless production processes and a high level of part quality. Intelligent functions, including LensLine, increase the service life of your lenses. This ensures high nozzle and lens quality, even when it is in full automation.


Smart Collision Prevention

This reduces the risk of collisions during laser cutting. From the part contours, the process detects the parts which are at risk of tilting. It creates an optimized job processing strategy. With great skill, the laser navigates around parts that are at risk of tilting. These are cut free only when there is no risk of collision. You do not need to use microjoints, saving costly rework.


With precision, a camera determines the position of inserted sheets. It enables the rework of parts already cut with absolute precision. DetectLine also measures a cut focusing comb and sets the focal position.


PierceLine monitors and controls your piercing process. This saves material and preserves your machine. It increases part quality and shortens the piercing time by up to 80%.


Information at a Glance

Always stay informed about the condition of your machine. A traffic light system shows the status of important elements. These elements can influence the cutting capability of your machine. Your Condition Guide will give recommendations for action as required. Process diagrams help with forecasting when you may need to take action. This is an efficient way to plan maintenance work.

Dot Matrix Code

This allows fast, process reliable part identification with a standardised industrial code. In seconds, the laser in your flatbed laser machine applies a 2D code (data matrix) made out of dots onto a part. It contains information for the process chain. For instance, the code calls up the corresponding program at the next machine.

MobileControl App

Operate and track your machines with ease and flexibility. The app transmits the interface of the control panel onto the touch screen of your tablet device. Call up different machine information at various places in the machine work environment. For example, the clearing area.

TRUMPF’s TruTops Boost, monitor and software are always there to support you.

Automation options include loading, unloading, parts sortation, auxiliary pallet operation, and storage systems.

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