TRUMPF TruLaser Series 3000 - 2D Laser Machine with 5 Axis

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The TRUMPF TruLaser 3000 Series provides all-round, versatile 2D laser cutting. Our range of laser cutting machines with CO2 lasers include TruLaser 3030 (CO2 or Fiber), TruLaser 3040 (CO2 or Fiber), TruLaser 3060 (Fiber). These machines are perfect for the production of your laser-cut parts. They combine high performance with cut quality that is second to none. Compact machine dimensions and a simple operating concept are other key benefits.


Reliable Processing

With collision protection and AdjustLine.

Flexibility with RotoLas

With RotoLas, you can cut tubes on your laser flatbed machine.

Thick Mild Steel Cutting with CoolLine

CoolLine functionality allows you to create even small contours in thick mild steel.

Perfect Quality, Perfect Edges, Flexible Layout.

The flexible layout means you can adapt the installation to your requirements. Even transverse layout is possible.

Flexibility with RotoLas

With RotoLas, you can cut tubes on your laser flatbed machine. RotoLas tube processing expands your parts range with tubes and profiles.

You can process tubes, including rectangular tube corners. You can convert your machine from flatbed to tube processing within a very short time frame. A flexible, reliable loading system feeds different tubes and profiles. The TruTops Tube software system is always there to support you. It calculates cutting speed and travel motion of the Z-axis, with precision.

Thick Mild Steel Cutting with CoolLine

CoolLine functionality allows you to create even small contours in thick mild steel. The CoolLine process cools the workpiece during laser cutting. This enables new geometries and increases process reliability.

Mild steel becomes very hot during laser cutting and may melt. With CoolLine, this won’t occur. The cutting head sprays water mist in a circle around the laser beam onto the workpiece. This is because of the nozzles with precise bore holes. The vaporization energy of the water cools the material around the laser beam.

Smooth Cutting Edges with BrightLine

BrightLine involves the interaction between innovative components and a flow-optimized nozzle. It produces an especially high-quality cutting edge. Expect smooth cutting edges in stainless steel. The BrightLine cutting procedure enables the highest quality cuts in thick stainless steel. This results in reduced reworking, and often reworking is not required at all.

Achieve the perfect sectional view. Special cutting data and the BrightLine nozzle (with adapted cutting gas jet) improves edge quality.

Processing Tubes with Drop&Cut

You can use all your remainder sheets and post-produce parts with ease.
Use the remainder sheet with ease and efficiency. A live image of the machine interior appears on your user interface. Position any number of part geometries on the remainder sheet. This saves you time while in post-production of individual parts. Alignment of the sheet, position measurement or zero point displacement is not necessary.

Increased Machine Availability

The Condition Guide always monitors the condition of your machine.

Thin Stainless Steel

Achieve perfect quality in thin stainless steel. Even in delicate contours: The edges are burr-free and rework is not required.

Collision Protection

Collision protection for your cutting head guarantees the highest process reliability. You enjoy shorter non-productive times due to increased machine availability. In the event of collisions, you can prevent damage to the cutting head.
AdjustLineIt’s easy to adjust the cutting process to materials of different quality. This increases process reliability, especially when cutting poor quality materials. Enjoy less scrap and lower material costs. Switch AdjustLine on or off at any time. No programming necessary.

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