TRUMPF TruLaser Series 1000 - Economical, Robust Laser Cutting Machine

Advanced 2D Laser Cutting

TRUMPF’s TruLaser Series 1000 are your compact, advanced, adaptable 2D laser cutting machines.

For a low investment, these machines are easy and affordable to operate. The updated, improved Series 1000 machines are now more robust. Automation options are also available.

Your production line utlises the beam guidance system with ease and versatility. Weld any seam geometry profiles, like tubes and strips, as well as uniform parts.

They are simple to integrate into your manufacturing process. Reduce your costs while improving your production speed.

Reliable Job Handling

A rigid machine frame with a lightweight motion unit.

Superior Processing and Welding

Process and weld typical steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals.

Outstanding cut quality.

Operate in Beginner or Advanced Mode

Operate with confidence.

Beginner and professional levels give the user different features.

Reliable Job Handling

The TruLaser Series 1000 also saves time during the 2D laser cutting process. The speed is down to the design of the machine’s body. It combines a rigid machine frame with a lightweight motion unit and powerful drives.

Cut Any Shape with Outstanding Cut Quality

This powerful TRUMPF laser welding system makes it easy to enter the world of 2D laser cutting. It processes various material types and thicknesses.

Weld typical steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals, with outstanding cut quality. And from less than half an inch up to several inches thick.

Special Aspects of Operations

You can choose between beginner and professional levels. This enables you to operate the machine with confidence. Even if you don’t have previous experience with a 2D laser cutting machine. You can adjust all technology values to your competence level.

Benefits At a Glance

Low investment and operating costs.

Superior edge quality.

Very easy to operate.

Small footprint of only 25 m².

Quick and simple installation.

Affordable entrance into laser welding.

Key Features

Intelligent operator guidance.

Shop Floor Programming.

Nesting assistant.

Reduced training requirements.

BrightLine fiber.

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