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Second Hand STOPA ECO, Sheet Metal Storage Opportunity

1 September

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Second hand STOPA ECO, Sheet Metal storage system

This system will not stay on the market for very long so please contact Frederik without delay if you are interested, or phone +61488167137

Download ECO STOPA System Layout.


Sheet Metal Storage Solution:

  • The system is well maintained, serviced every year with minimal wear and tear, built in 2008.
  • Capacity: Sheet Metal System = 326x3t=978t
  • Pallets: 1525x3050mm | 3t | 264pcs with 90 mm stacking height + 72pcs with 130mm stacking height | Total: 336pcs
  • Stations: 2x In/Output Stations.
  • The system  is based on high quality SIEMENS S7 / Profibus PLC systems.
  • STOPA will install new safety fences.
  • STOPA will provide full 12 month warranty on the systems.


  • Headland is STOPA’s Local Partner and will provide Service Level Support.
  • Headland has a large local trained installer base and local spare parts warehouses in Australia.
  • Spare Part packages available.
  • 1st year Annual Maintenance Service with STOPA experts INCLUDED.

Customer’s Responsibilities:

  • All Lifting Equipment to be provided by customer
  • All Civil Works (if required).
  • Providing Energy Supply & Air Pressure.
  • During part of the installation customer has to provide 2 Mechanics & 1 Electrician who support the STOPA supervisors to install the system.
    If that is not possible, STOPA can provide those resources at extra charges.


AUD$1,300,000 + GST (Delivery and Supervisor Installation included)

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