TruTool PN 201
Cut profiles with depth

Cut profiles up to a depth of 3.4 inches

The TruTool PN 200 is specifically designed for trapezoidal sheets up to a profile depth of 3.4 inches and C-L-U profiles.  Cut up to 0.08 inches in mild steel and 0.04 inches in stainless steel as well as doubled sheets.

Rotation of this tool is possible through 360° on the spot. You have full flexibility with this tool as the following features can be changed on the spot and without the need for additional tooling; the cutting direction, punch, and die carrier. Additionally with your tools can you can change to suit the application.

Cutting with Ease
For processing profile depths of up to 3.4 inches and C, L, and U profiles. Well-suited for corrugated sheet.
Adjust direction through 360 degrees, in steps of 45 degrees, without tools.

Machine with short tool

Minimises setup times.
The punch and die carrier can be changed quickly without tools.

Easy to use and powerful
Change the cutting direction, punch, and die carrier without any tools.
Fast and powerful with 7 feet per minute in 57,000 mild steel.

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