TRUMPF Slat Cleaner TruTool TSC 100
Work complete in one operation

TRUMPF Slat Cleaner

The laser slat cleaner cleans the slats of your flatbed laser machine. It is fast and cleans several times over. This means you can use the slats for much longer. The machine is simple and easy to operate by one person.

The slat cleaner is perfect for a variety of materials. It even cleans stubborn stainless steel slag. It cleans several times to increase service life before having to replace the slats. Regular cleaning of slats increase process reliability. The quality of your produced parts also increases. The automatic laser slat cleaner can adapt to different slag thicknesses of up to 1 in.

The TruTool TSC 100 slat cleaner provides complete removal of the slag on the slats of the laser cutting machine. So you can clean the slats many times before it’s necessary for replacement.

This is effortless and quick cleaning of your slats. And ensures reliable, high-quality production of laser-cut components. The slats do not need removal for cleaning. It is practical, saving you time. Approximately 30 minutes is all it takes to clean an entire standard size pallet (60 x 120 in).

Suitable for a Range of Materials
Suitable for most diverse material, especially for stainless steel.

Adapts to different slag thicknesses.

Move the tool up to the pallet frame on almost any
conventional flatbed laser machine.

Simultaneous cleaning and production

On laser cutting machines with pallet changers, clean slats during your cutting process.
Complete removal of the slag, even on slats subject to high loads. This power tool is a one-man operation, the long machine handle enables you to clean the slats by yourself, with little effort.

Achieve excellent cleaning results. Selecting the right tool means minimal effort during cleaning. Choose between tool no. 2 (for slat thicknesses of 2 mm – 2.9 mm) and tool no. 3 (for 3 mm – 3.9 mm). The tools boast a long service life. Before replacement, they are capable of cleaning approximately 10 standard pallets (3281 feet).  The TruTool is for all CO2 and SSL 2D laser cutting machines and offers up to 75% cost reduction. With savings of around 40% compared to manual cleaning. It can clean slats many times. So you can save up to 75% of costs, compared with regular slat replacement.

A system for intelligent monitoring – an integrated LED display uses a quick, continuous flash. This notifies you if a seal needs replacement. So it is now not necessary to perform a manual check at regular intervals. You can control the maintenance interval through the electronic display. This saves you time and prevents possible damage to the tool. Seals need checking and replacement at specified maintenance intervals to prevent damage.

Remarkable results – the TruTool adapts to different slag thicknesses up to 1 inch. Achieve excellent cleaning results. Even with stubborn stainless steel slag. It cleans the slats themselves, as well as the spaces between the teeth. Insert the TruTool into any row of slats and clean these right up to the pallet edge. You can do this while they are still installed.

There are consumables and corresponding accessories for the slat cleaners. Contact us for all your consumables and accessories that you need for your machine.

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