Seam Lockers

Power tools that are ideal for heating and ventilation engineers.

Power Tools for High Quality Seams

Falling under our range of different power tools, our seam locker power tools are versatile for both Pittsburgh lock seams and angle and standing seams.Tight seam joints without force prerequisites for the construction of facades, fireplaces, coverings or industrials fans. 

These TRUMPF seam lockers operate with an automatic feed so you can achieve consistently high seam quality. Fast with operator comfort in mind; with low noise and vibration you can work fast and in complete comfort. Enjoy full mobility; you can use the seam lockers at the assembly point or on mounted ducts.

The TRUMPF seam locker power tool range includes many models, we’ve chosen to feature one starter model and one full feature model.

TruTool F 125, TruTool F 300, TruTool F 300 with 1400 W motor, TruTool F 300 Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V, TruTool F 301, TruTool F 301 Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V, TruTool F 140. The remaining models can be viewed on TRUMPF’s website.

TRUMPF Power Tool Seam Lockers

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