Separate Sandwich Panels with Ease

For perfect cuts

Panel Cutter for Separating Sandwich Panels

Ideal for those in the industries of  roofing, façade, hall and container constructors, as well as for cooling, heating, and sound insulation technicians.

Cut up to 6.5 in thick in a single operation.

Create perpendicular, separating cuts with the blade set to 90°.

With its unique insertion mechanism, you don’t need a start hole, you can start anywhere!

Simple and safe to operate, operators prefer TRUMPF power tools.

The TRUMPF nibbler power tool range includes many models, we’ve chosen to feature one starter model and one full feature model.

TruTool N 160, TruTool N 160 Li-ion, TruTool N 200, TruTool N 200 Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V, TruTool N 350, TruTool N 500, TruTool N 700, TruTool N 1000.

The remaining models can be viewed on TRUMPF’s website.

TRUMPF Power Tool Panel Cutters

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