Nibblers that work without distortion or sparks

Ideal for plumbing, coil cutting, and container and tank assembly.

Nibblers for distortion free processing

Falling under our range of power tools, this powertool can work with material thickness from 0.02 in. or 0.4 in. thick. Industries to benefit from lack of distortion, emissions, or sparks include plumbers, manufacturers in the coil cutting industry or those manufacturing container and tank assembly and dismantling.
Ergonomic and easy to use, this powertool will enable full view of the work surface and is comfortable to use. Full mobility is available with the addition of the hollow round punch for 360° rotation on the spot.
Nibblers up to a sheet thickness of 0.137 in, allows for; burr-free cuts on interior cutouts and notching work; cuts across edges, weld seams and doubled sheets all with a high level of profile flexibility.
The TRUMPF nibbler power tool range includes many models, we’ve chosen to feature one starter model and one full feature model.

TruTool N 160, TruTool N 160 Li-ion, TruTool N 200, TruTool N 200 Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V, TruTool N 350, TruTool N 500, TruTool N 700, TruTool N 1000.

The remaining models can be viewed on TRUMPF’s website.

TRUMPF Power Tool Nibbler

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