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Nakamura-Tome’s SC100, Twin Spindle with Milling at the Australian Manufacturing Week 2022

9 March

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With a small, but powerful footprint, Nakamura-Tome’s SC100, Twin Spindle with Milling machine will be on display

This machine will be on display at the show, but it’s important that you register below to receive a one on one demo time.

A twin-spindle, high-speed, highly rigid, accurate lathe with a small footprint of only 2.2mm x 1.7mm.

Milling motor is also a standard feature.

With the twin spindle, operators can enjoy one set-up to achieve first and second machining processing.

A suitable machine for both high production runs or jobbing shops, a general all-round machine.

The NT Work Navigator (in-built airbags),  prevent tool crashes and costly replacements.

The NT Thermal Navigator reduces thermal growth during machining, ensuring thermal stability and high-accuracy machining.

This particular machine we will have in stock, also includes a parts conveyor to enable easy integration for automatic unloading.

“The controller and software is also a feature worth mentioning it’s easy-to-use, it includes phase recognition (essential for multi-tasking), direct chucking (preventing tool positioning errors), the load monitor also recognises tool wearing or errors. The software means your operators can hit the ground running even if it’s your first Nakamura-Tome machine.” Julian Turner – Territory Sales Manager – CNC Southern Region.



  • Main spindle – 51mm / A2-5 / 5,000min-1
  • Main spindle bar capacity 51mm / A2-5 / 5,000min-1
  • Main spindle motor FANUC AC 11/7.5kWNC
  • Sub spindle bar capacity 42mm / A2-5 / 6,000min-1NC
  • Sub spindle motor FANUC AC 7.5/5.5kW
  • Fixed air blow  for sub spindle
  • Dodecagonal drum turret – 12 (max 24),
  • Milling Display –  15″ color LCDPart program
  • Number of tool offset 99 pairs Y-axis  +/- 40mm
  • NT Nurse
  • NT Work Navigator

Register for the Australian Manufacturing Week demonstration time.