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Nakamura-Tome Empowers Machine Operators With Smart Tuning Feature

11 August

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Nakamura-Tome has added a highly demanded Smart Tuning feature to its ATC multitasking machines. The affected multitasking machines are those with multiple axes (X/Z/Y/B/C).

These multi axes machines are employed for the machining of smooth curves and complex shapes, as they allow for accurate positioning and high accuracy machining.

Quickly rectify geometric errors without support

Prior to Smart Tuning, correcting geometric errors required highly skilled engineers and considerable time on adjustment/setup. With Smart Tuning it is now possible for operators themselves to tune the geometry on periodical maintenance and always keep the machine in high precision.

Common geometric errors can occur from mishaps on the machine, incorrect manual geometric alignment on set up and changes with the machine level/squareness due to temperature or foundation.

The Smart Tuning feature saves valuable time and enables operators to quickly rectify/qualify geometric errors themselves, which can cause deviations in the position of the tool spindle and the accuracy of the part being machined.

Smart Tuning demonstration (turn on subtitles) :

Anthony Mitchell, one of Headland’s CNC experts on the highly anticipated feature:

“The newly launched Smart Tuning feature can correct geometric errors and ensure higher accuracy on complex shapes. Manufacturers will see immediate benefits with Smart Tuning.”

To learn more about Smart Tuning and our Nakamura-Tome machines use the form below. Otherwise visit our CNC product catalogue.