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Metaltex’s STOPA Eco Plus is Expanding with Business Growth

14 April

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Metaltex’s STOPA Eco Plus is Expanding with Business Growth

With the STOPA Eco Plus’s small footprint, Metaltex have recently installed this machine to assist them with extra storage space as well as material automation down the track.

The STOPA Eco Plus has been a great purchase as we can ensure it grows with our company’s needs. For now we are storing metal sheets within and then transporting via our forklift, however, the end game is definitely for automatic material feeding of our machines says Daniel Pieterson, Director at Metaltex.

For now it’s a stand alone, but it’s a great system, as with its modular design we can just add modules as we require extra space, so it will grow with our needs.

It’s currently holding 64 pallets with 190 tonnes of sheet metal with a small footprint, Michael Seaton, Metaltex.

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About Metaltex

Metaltex provide a full range of engineering services and products based in Dandenong, Victoria. Their whole premise is on high quality turn-key finished products.

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