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Makino A500Z for Complex Machining at Lightening Speed

31 August

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Makino A500Z for Complex Machining at Lightening Speed

Makino’s A500Z

This machine is built upon the well-known performance and reliability of Makino’s 4-axis NX Series. This machine is all about machining complex components in the fastest time possible. Everything from the cutting speed, set up and table design is designed for speed.

Machine Complex Components with Ease

  • The additional Z type, fifth axis, enables the machining of more complex geometry parts, minimising set ups and machining operations.
  • With its slant structure, Makino’s unique embedded tilting table bring stability when machining highly complex components.

Reduction of Inertia

  • The machine make-up is design for reduction of inertia. Speed is the aim, wether this is cutting, tool changing or positioning.
  • The direct drive spindle reaches its maximum torque of 303 Nm, in under 1.6 seconds.
  • Optional spindles enable aluminium machining.

Ease of set-up

  • Horizontal table design and also the accessibility of the loading area enables you to set up workpieces by crane if desired.
  • The L shape design of the operator door ensures the spindle and the table can be inspected easily.

Quick Removal of Chips

  • The design of the table and the spindle washing feature ensure the chips are removed quickly and effectively.
  • Specialised first and secondary filters prevent chips from clogging any part of the machine.

Super Fast Tool Changing

  • The advanced tool changing system opens the ATC quickly and with the smallest width to ensure high-speed tool changing.
  • Tool changing can be achieved in 0.9 sec.

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