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Magnetise your Steel Distribution with Scheffer Cranes

31 August

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Scheffer Cranes

Magnetise your Steel Distribution with Scheffer Cranes

A big challenge for Steel distribution and large fabrication shops, can be managing and manoeuvring varying sheet sizes and material forms. The adaptable magnetic crane from Scheffer can easily modify on the fly to safely lift any material.

They can be manually or motor operated. The operator can manoeuvre the magnet system to suit the exact dimensions and size of the material. Special features make it possible to rotate the crossbeams or modify the distance between the magnets,  so you can easily pick up all sorts of material variations including, full-rolled lengths and non-standardised sheets.

If you’re a large fabricator or steel distribution centre, the ability to move your material using a magnetised crane will increase efficiencies and workshop safety dramatically.

Our team of experts can talk you through how the crane can demagnetise the material and also how you can adjust the magnetic force.