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Stopa LG-U
Stopa LG-U

Stopa LG-U


Saving time by optimising the flow of material – that is the decisive factor for the economic shelving, storage, and retrieval of long-span goods. The LG-U Universal Shelving System for Long-Span Goods offers numerous features and specifications for the long-term improvement of your intra-logistic processes. Besides the significant expansion of storage capacity, in particular sequences and processes for the storage of long-span goods are optimised. For optimised material flow, a large number of stations are possible. A longitudinally driven Storage and Retrieval Unit with telescopic forks capable of being extended on both sides take care of handling. Automatic control is standard. It is also possible to retrofit for a double-row solution.

    • Storage unit length of approximately 6,400 millimetres
    • Custom storage heights available upon request
    • Automatic control functionality
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Stopa LG-T

Stopa LG-T


The LG-T Tower Shelving System for Long-Span Goods is used for the efficient shelving of beam-shaped materials having a length of up to 6,400 mm. The material is stored in cassettes.

The storage system’s compact design – available as a self-supporting model and with building support – represents an optimized relation between storage capacity and space requirements. As an entry-level installation, the system can be set up as a single or dual tower. The second tower can be added retro-actively. Depending upon the given production concept, several upstream machines can be provisioned using by loading and unloading stations.

    • System height of 16metres
    • Storage length of approximately 6400 mm
    • Entry and exit features on all sides (on the face and longitudinal sides)
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Stopa LG-B
Stopa LG-B

Stopa LG-B


Compact arrangement – perfect operability:
The LG-B Bridge Shelving System for Long-Span Goods is a high-performance installation featuring an impressive amount of storage capacity. Up to 1,000 cassettes can be placed in a space-saving manner. That’s because the overhead Storage and Retrieval Unit traverses the system from above, so a special passageway is not needed. This high-performance system is designed for linkage with several machines having a corresponding workflow. With automatic control.

    • Can store up to 1,000 cassettes
    • Maximum lifting speed of up to 30 metres per minute
    • Custom system heights available on request


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Module Tower Storage

Efficient Space Utilisation And Compact Style

The Stopa Tower Mono efficiently uses space thanks to its compact size and is most suited to mid-sized and industrial companies.

Floorspace is not comprised thanks to the unique style of the Stopa Tower Mono shelf tower, often used as a buffer facility when it isn’t being used for storing materials.

Another added benefit of the Tower Mono storage system is its low maintenance push/pull device which ensures accurate positioning, as well as a load-independent travel measuring system guarantee, also featuring chain lifting gear.

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    • The Central Control Console ensure the safe and straightforward control of the storage system
    • Standard system height of 8 metres
    • Trouble-free operation, guaranteed by safety mechanisms and monitoring functions
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Stopa LG-B
Eco Tower Storage

Shelving Systems for Long-Span Goods

Maximise your spare and utilise it efficiently with the LG-B Bridge Shelving System for Long-Span Goods.

With this shelving system you get a vast amount of storage capacity, due to the overhead storage and retrieval function operating from above – no need for special passageways. Maximise this system even further by connecting to other factory floor or warehouse machinery, creating the ultimate automatic workflow.

Interested in seeing Stopa storage in action? Take a look at our Customer Stories here.

    • Store up to 1000 pallets at 6.400 mm
    • Features automatic control and specialised workflows
    • Maximise space for the storage of long-span goods
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