Stopa LG-U
Stopa LG-U

Stopa LG-U


Saving time by optimising the flow of material – that is the decisive factor for the economic shelving, storage, and retrieval of long-span goods. The LG-U Universal Shelving System for Long-Span Goods offers numerous features and specifications for the long-term improvement of your intra-logistic processes. Besides the significant expansion of storage capacity, in particular sequences and processes for the storage of long-span goods are optimised. For optimised material flow, a large number of stations are possible. A longitudinally driven Storage and Retrieval Unit with telescopic forks capable of being extended on both sides take care of handling. Automatic control is standard. It is also possible to retrofit for a double-row solution.

    • Storage unit length of approximately 6,400 millimetres
    • Custom storage heights available upon request
    • Automatic control functionality
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Stopa LG-T

Stopa LG-T


The LG-T Tower Shelving System for Long-Span Goods is used for the efficient shelving of beam-shaped materials having a length of up to 6,400 mm. The material is stored in cassettes.

The storage system’s compact design – available as a self-supporting model and with building support – represents an optimized relation between storage capacity and space requirements. As an entry-level installation, the system can be set up as a single or dual tower. The second tower can be added retro-actively. Depending upon the given production concept, several upstream machines can be provisioned using by loading and unloading stations.

    • System height of 16metres
    • Storage length of approximately 6400 mm
    • Entry and exit features on all sides (on the face and longitudinal sides)
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Stopa LG-B
Stopa LG-B

Stopa LG-B


Compact arrangement – perfect operability:
The LG-B Bridge Shelving System for Long-Span Goods is a high-performance installation featuring an impressive amount of storage capacity. Up to 1,000 cassettes can be placed in a space-saving manner. That’s because the overhead Storage and Retrieval Unit traverses the system from above, so a special passageway is not needed. This high-performance system is designed for linkage with several machines having a corresponding workflow. With automatic control.

    • Can store up to 1,000 cassettes
    • Maximum lifting speed of up to 30 metres per minute
    • Custom system heights available on request


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Stopa Universal
Stopa Universal

Stopa Universal

The STOPA UNIVERSAL large-scale storage system is especially suitable for the heightened requirements of industry:

  • For very high construction heights
  • If a large storage system is needed
  • If you have a lot of stations
  • If you have different pallet formats

The Storage and Retrieval Unit of the Stopa Universal has been designed with the needs of the manufacturing industry in mind. It is based on a robust and reliable telescopic unit combined with an absolute travel measurement system for all axes. The stacking height check and the bay-occupied check feature further enhance system safety. Optical data transmission technology permits contact-free data transfer. The overhead bus bar ensures a reliable power supply. The travelling switchgear cabinet houses the control components.

    • Can integrate with Software Management System or ERP
    • Can store a wide variety of materials with differing formats, stacking heights and payloads
    • The Storage and Retrieval Unit is equipped with a plug-in manual control for the service mode.
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Stopa Compact Series
Stopa Compact Series

Stopa Compact Series

The Stopa Compact Series is an automated  large-scale storage system for sheet metal which utilises the latest logistics and production strategies. It connects the procurement process and machines, transforming your warehouse into a logistics centre.

With the Stopa Compact Series, you benefit from saving and cost-cutting potentials and thereby maximise your production performance. With its clever logistics, the Stopa Compact Series ensures your output is the best!

The system is available in two basic models: The Stopa Compact I is the basic system, and the Stopa Compact II is a further development.

    • Reduced space and area costs
    • Reduced cycle time with the STOPA COMPACT II
    • Energy saving due to reduced weight with the STOPA COMPACT II
    • New energy management, link coupling, optional feeding-back of energy
    • Low servicing and maintenance costs
    • Increased process reliability
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Stopa Tower Mono

Stopa Tower Mono


The Stopa Tower Mono is a flexible module for mid-sized and industrial companies.

Thanks to the compact design of its shelf tower, users are guaranteed the excellent utilisation of their valuable production floorspace – as a buffer facility or for storing materials. At the heart of the system is the Storage and Retrieval Unit with its extremely low-maintenance push/pull device. The chain lifting gear and load-independent travel measuring system guarantee outstanding positioning accuracy.

    • The system is simply and reliably controlled from a central control console. That’s because the screen displays all input operations in plain text format.
    • To remove the pallet from the bay, the draw hook engages in the driver. The sheet is removed for processing by means of a suction mechanism.
    • The monitoring functions and safety mechanisms guarantee trouble-free operation. The controller can also be equipped with a warehouse management function. This provides you with an optimized overview for stock management.
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Stopa Tower Flex
Stopa Tower Flex

Stopa Tower Flex


In the sheet-metal processing industry, flexibility is a huge factor when determining a storage system, due to the different thicknesses and dimensions of the materials involved in the production process.

The Stopa Tower Flex can store these goods even in confined spaces. The system can be installed as a dual tower, or as a single tower with the option of subsequent retro-fitting. With the compact design of the shelf tower, an economical system with perfect balance between storage capacity and floor space is created. The stacking height of the shelf towers can be adjusted to maximise the available ceiling height (also available with its own cladding for building-support).

Depending upon your needs, by using different loading and unloading stations, several production machines can be linked to one Stopa Tower Flex.

According to customer needs, transport carts and scissors lifts (also in combination) can enter and exit the stations at all openings (on the face and longitudinal sides). Up to 11 stations are possible.

    • Maximum lifting speed of up to 30 metres/ minute
    • Entry-level storage product for those in the sheet metal production industry
    • Special heights available on request
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Stopa Tower Eco
STOPA Tower Eco Plus Storage

Stopa Tower Eco


Whether you use it as a buffer or to store material for a production unit, the Stopa Tower Eco is a superb addition to any production facility. The ideal “starter solution” for smaller operations and job shops working with a large variety of materials of which only relatively small quantities need to be stored.

The shelf tower features fixed spacing between the shelves to ensure maximum loading density. By doubling the spacing, taller goods or pallets can be shelved. With bolted rests, stacking heights of 60 mm or 200 mm are possible.


    • The material is loaded and unloaded directly on the Storage and Retrieval Unit
    • Operation is intuitive, and is effected in the dead-man mode (optionally also with fully automatic mode). The sheet material is lowered on stamps and aligned on the pallet
    • Operation is from the control console: Simply select the desired shelf number and confirm by pushing the dead-man button
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Module Tower Storage

Efficient Space Utilisation And Compact Style

The Stopa Tower Mono efficiently uses space thanks to its compact size and is most suited to mid-sized and industrial companies.

Floorspace is not comprised thanks to the unique style of the Stopa Tower Mono shelf tower, often used as a buffer facility when it isn’t being used for storing materials.

Another added benefit of the Tower Mono storage system is its low maintenance push/pull device which ensures accurate positioning, as well as a load-independent travel measuring system guarantee, also featuring chain lifting gear.

Interested in seeing Stopa storage solutions in action? Take a look at our Customer Stories here.

    • The Central Control Console ensure the safe and straightforward control of the storage system
    • Standard system height of 8 metres
    • Trouble-free operation, guaranteed by safety mechanisms and monitoring functions
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Stopa Tower Eco
Sheet Metal Storage

Low-cost, Automated Sheet Metal Storage

The Stopa Tower Eco is the ideal ‘starter solution’ for smaller companies who work with a wide variety of materials but only need to store small quantities of each. Fixed spacing is a notable feature of the shelving in the Stopa Tower Eco, which maximises storage capacity and ensures you can store taller goods or pallets.

Interested in seeing Stopa Storage solutions in action? Take a look at our Customer Stories here.

    • Stack heights from 60mm to 200mm, thanks to double spacing between shelves
    • Intuitive operation system, operated in dead-man mode
    • Control console system ensure swift and easy management of system
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    Machine Divisions

Stopa LG-B
Eco Tower Storage

Shelving Systems for Long-Span Goods

Maximise your spare and utilise it efficiently with the LG-B Bridge Shelving System for Long-Span Goods.

With this shelving system you get a vast amount of storage capacity, due to the overhead storage and retrieval function operating from above – no need for special passageways. Maximise this system even further by connecting to other factory floor or warehouse machinery, creating the ultimate automatic workflow.

Interested in seeing Stopa storage in action? Take a look at our Customer Stories here.

    • Store up to 1000 pallets at 6.400 mm
    • Features automatic control and specialised workflows
    • Maximise space for the storage of long-span goods
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Hänel Rotomat Industrial Storage

Optimise Procedures and Lower Costs with the Hänel Rotomat Industrial Storage System

The Hänel Rotomat Industrial Storage system is a flexible and adaptable warehouse storage solution that slashes work time and administration costs.

This carousel storage solution uses height to free up warehouse space – offering up to 60% more work space thanks to its compact design. Running on a Ferris wheel principle, the Rotomat brings the part or tool directly to retrieval level in just a matter of seconds. The Rotomat has several access points across various floors or levels in the warehouse, so it eliminates the amount of accidents in the workplace as there is no need for bending, lifting or ladder climbing.

The Hänel Rotomat Industrial Storage system saves time, using a microprocessor control system for the user to request relevant folders. With its neat storage layout, the vertical storage solution provides workplaces with a greater level of storage organisation and efficiency, as stock taking and re-ordering is made quick and easy.

The Hänel Rotomat is supplied with twin motors, which ensures less wear and quieter running.

    • Industrial storage based on the Ferris wheel carousel principle.
    • Create 60% more storage capacity.
    • Compact design that utilises room height, freeing up floor space.
    • Drawers can be locked for optimum security.
    • Wheelchair-friendly solutions.
    • Variety of accessories available including; plastic boxes, tool inserts, molded trays for small parts and holders for milling cutters.
    • Long lifecycle.
    • High load baring capacity, up to 750kg/1,652 lbs per carrier depending on the model.
    • Fire-proof door available.
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Hänel Rotomat Office Storage

Vertical Filing System Creates up to 60% More Office Space

The Hänel Rotomat Office is a vertical filing system that uses available room height in a tight office environment. Providing secure document storage to any workplace, the Rotomat uses costly office space to its full potential by making the most of room height to provide up to 60% more filing capacity. Using a carousel principle, the Rotomat’s compact design provides a large storage volume on a small footprint.

A user-friendly vertical filing system, the Rotomat operates on a carousel principle whereby the folders and documents come to the user within a matter of seconds. This guarantees a high level of workplace safety, with no need for bending, ladder climbing or walking long distances to reach and search for documentation.

The Rotomat Office is equipped with a Hänel Eco-Mode, which means that the user can switch between a variety of standby modes, making sure that energy consumption is always reduced to a minimum.

Quality starts with consulting. We combine your requirements with our wealth of experience to develop a complete tailor-made solution to meet your workplace needs.



    • Fully integrated user-friendly control system.
    • The superior design does not require any scheduled maintenance, which is unique within the industry.
    • Uses available room height to free up floor space for more desks.
    • Ergonomic design brings the correct file to eye level, ensuring no more bending, reaching, ladder climbing or walking long distances.
    • Items are stored away which protects them from dust, light and unauthorised access.
    • Lock and password protected for secure document storage.
    • Processes are sped up, as the requested document, folder or archive is automatically brought to the ergonomic retrieval height in a matter of seconds.
    • Elegant design with five colours to choose from – along with the option of customised finishes.
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Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Warehouse Storage

Automate Warehouse Storage and Save Floor Space

The Hänel Lean-Lift is comprised of storage shelves located at both the back and front of the machine, where items and parts are stored in containers using height optimised positions.

The storage locations are accessed electronically using the extractor, which automatically stores or retrieves the requested container. Items, parts or tools are delivered to the the retrieval area at ergonomic height for the user. The user-friendly system is fully adjustable to operational requirements.

Every shelf position can be automatically modified and dynamically altered to suit stored item height, providing extremely high storage density.

Equipped with a fully integrated controller system, the warehouse inventory management system also comes with additional comprehensive Warehouse Management Software options.

The Hänel Lean-Lift can be used across a wide variety of industries; medical technology, electrical engineering (with ESD versions available), automotive, aircraft, mechanical engineering, mail-order, pharmaceutical and wholesale trades.

    • High storage density – save up to 80% floor space by utilising room height.
    • Ergonomic retrieval process, bringing the item reach level.
    • Expand and alter storage capacity at any time, with additional systems easily added to cater for business growth.
    • Superior German design and quality means that no scheduled maintenance is required, which is unique in the industry.
    • Fully lockable system to ensure maximum security and tracking of all items stored.
    • Eco-mode electricity reduction with four levels of automatic standby and shutdown.
    • Load-bearing capacity of up to 1,000kg per tray.
    • Load-bearing capacity of up to 60,000kg per Lean-Lift.
  • Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Warehouse Storage Video