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TruMatic 1000 Fiber
TRUMPF TruMatic 1000 Fiber

TruMatic 1000 Fiber | Clever Automation in Minimal Space

The Trumpf TruMatic 1000 Fiber laser machine is the perfect entry-level model which punches holes, bends flanges, forms and creates threads with clever automation in minimal space. The world’s most compact punch laser (24% smaller than the previous model), the TruMatic 1000 Fiber is available as a complete solution but can also be upgraded to a punch laser machine gradually. Starting with the TruPunch 1000 entry-level punching machine.

With the TruMatic 1000 Fiber, benefit from all the advantages of punch and laser processing. One machine, two technologies.

Available in both large and medium format.

Discover the clever solution to part sorting and automated operation.

    • Available in both large and medium format
    • Smallest punching machine in the world – 24% smaller than previous model
    • Automatic loading and unloading for reliable process
    • Achieve excellent productivity when cutting non-ferrous metal thanks to the robust TruDisk universal laser
    • Cost effectively produce high quantities of small parts from relatively thick metal
    • Automatically sort parts of a size up to 7 x 7 in
    • Smart punch monitoring
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TruMatic 6000 Fiber
TRUMPF TruMatic 6000 Fiber

TruMatic 6000 Fiber | Productive Thin Sheet Machine

The TruMatic 6000 Fiber from Trumpf combines the highest process reliability and flexibility. The solid-state laser opens up a range of materials to you, allowing you to productively process; non-ferrous metals, film-coated stainless steel, and galvanised sheet. The TruMatic 6000 Fiber processes thin sheets with cutting speeds of up to 1338in/min, ensuring maximum efficiency. Intelligent solutions for operation parallel to production ensure that your investment pays off even faster. Various automation options guarantee process-reliable operation during the night and on the weekend.

With the TruDisk solid-state laser and the descending die, you can process the entire material spectrum, including formed sections, at an outstanding quality level. You can even cut copper and brass reliably with optimum edges. The TruMatic 6000 Fiber comes in both large and medium format.


    • Cutting speeds of up to 1338 in/min ensures think sheet processing is highly productive
    • SheetMaster allows load, unload and sort parts in a process reliable and automated way
    • Large and medium format available
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TruMatic 6000
TRUMPF TruMatic 6000

Robust, Universal Punch Laser Combination Machine

The Trumatic 6000 Punch Laser Machine 

This advanced punch laser machine helps you manufacture more products with the assurance of a systematic and reliable process.

Also, as a result of the intelligent software functions, you can produce parts up to 0.3 inches quickly and easily.

This versatile machine with sophisticated laser and punching technology guarantees high productivity and excellent quality, while the clever laser concept and universal cooling interface provide outstanding energy balance. 

Another great option of the TruMatic 6000 is that it allows you to operate and monitor your machines simply and flexibly as the app transmits the interface of the standard control panel onto the touch screen of your tablet PC. 

Scratch-free Processing 

With its tried-and-tested functions, the TruMatic 6000 punch laser machine sets standards in terms of material handling.

The descending die enables scratch-free punching and forming processes. When it’s needed, the die can be lowered during positioning, and while working over sensitive materials, you can use brush tables combined with the descending die. 

Productive Thin Sheet Machine

The TruMatic 6000 punch laser opens up a wide range of materials to you and processes thin sheets with cutting speeds of up to 1338 in/min. 

This productive thin sheet machine makes it possible to process the complete range of materials: from steel and aluminium to highly reflective metals such as copper or brass.

The solid-state laser of this machine guarantees a high level of efficiency and an excellent energy balance.

  • Benefits of a Laser Cutting Machine

    The rise of laser cutting machine technologies has enabled multiple manufacturers to reduce and produce complex shapes for hardware products without needing complicated and unsafe tools. Plus, the speed of production became way faster than other cutting methods.

    Also, one of the significant advantages of laser cutting machines, over traditional mechanical cutting techniques, is its reduced contamination of the workpiece. So, high-quality production is expected. 

    The TruMatic 6000 by TRUMPF laser is a promising investment tool for your business—it will enable you to double your productivity while saving you more money on manufacturing costs. 

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