Metal Fabrication

solid state laser cutter
TECOi LS Series

LS Series

The LS Series TECOi machines are solid-state laser cutting systems designed for utmost precision and productivity. This range was developed specifically for cutting plates in large dimensions, ranging from thin to thicker material in both straight and bevel cuts.

The solid state laser cutters are designed for comprehensive use where the highest amount of accuracy and repeatability is required, ensuring practically continuous production.

The TECOi LS series have been uniquely made for the solid-state laser cutting of large and thick plates, and this means that the machine can be configured with either automatic covers or fixed covers along with automatic changing tables depending on your business needs.

The TECOi solid state laser cutting systems excel in the quality that they can provide, with excellent speed, precision and efficiency. Due to the variety of plate thickness they can cut, they also have the ability to cut very large dimensions. The versatility of the LS series provides the highest flexibility in cutting dimensions and they allow for steady production.

    • Equipped with Trudisk TRUMPF solid state / fiber laser.
    • TWIN DISK systems to simultaneously cut with 2 laser heads.
    • TECOi’s exclusive BEVEL ARC bevelling system.
    • Cut carbon steel of thickness from 0.6 to 25mm.
    • Cut stainless steel of thickness of up to 20mm.
    • Cut aluminium steel of thickness up to 20mm.
    • Servo-controlled telescopic cover system.
    • Option of two independent working areas.

FL Disk

FL Disk solid state laser cutting machine is ideal for pipe and profile cutting without foregoing functionality by permitting an alternative designated sheet metal cutting area.

    • Equipped with Trudisk TRUMPF solid state / fiber laser
    • TECOi’s exclusive BEVEL ARC bevelling system
    • Maximum working width up to 2000mm (78″) and length up to 26000mm (85ft)
    • Bidirectional integrated cover
    • Positioning speed up to 80m/min (262ft /min)
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Kaltenbach Robotic Welding System

Optimum Integration of the Welding Process

Robotic welding system for processing of assemblies with beams and welded attachments.

  • • Reduce the overall welding time by up to one fifth (1/5) of that of conventional processes
    • Consistently high welding seam quality
    • Automatic documentation of process parameters and time recording

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TRUMPF Robot 5020
TRUMPF Robot 5020

The TruLaser Robot is a Highly Integrated Turnkey System from TRUMPF

A highly integrated turnkey system from TRUMPF, the TruLaser Robot 5020 can be integrated seamlessly into a laser network.

    • Plug & play flexibility for 3D laser cutting
    • Increase the utilisation rate of the beam source
    • Modular construction for customised configuration
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KASTO (KASTOgripspeed C 10)
KASTO Circular Saws

KASTO Circular Saws

Used for cutting smaller cross sections in steel, aluminium or plastic, KASTO circular saws are ideal for single and automatic operation for different material shapes.

    • Powerful circular saws with infeed and outfeed periphery for straight and miter cuts
    • Cut solids, profiles and tubes with miter adjustment
    • Cut round, square and flat bars in all qualities
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Kaltenbach Circular Saws

Kaltenbach Circular Saws

Designed for steel construction and trading, Kaltenbach’s World leading range of circular saws are suitable for nearly all types of profiles, solid materials and different steel grades.

    • Clamping, sawing, reverse motion and opening at the touch of a button
    • Suitable for single cuts and processing small to medium batch sizes
    • Push button adjustment of the cutting height
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KASTO Bandsaws

KASTO Bandsaws

Ideal for precision cutting of steel and non-ferrous parts, Kasto bandsaws offer a metal cutting option for straight cut, miter, block or aluminum cutting.

    • Fully hydraulic, automatic and semi-automatic bandsaws
    • Bandsaws for 90° single or serial cuts
    • Also for single and double mitre to 60°
    • Compact and ergonomic, cut from rolled blocks or rolled plates
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