Lathe – Vertical

GMTK Heavy Industries Multitasking Vertical Lathe

Multipurpose Lathes for any Combination of Manufacturing Processes

The GMTK VR range line allows for any combination of manufacturing processes like turning, milling and drilling in all rotary and linear axes, as well as grinding and boring in one set-up with a high degree of automation. This concept is individually tailored to the manufacturing purposes of each customer.


    • Huge productivity improvements, due to a reduction of non-cutting times thanks to:
      • High dynamics by two motors on all linear axes at 40m / min and accelerations at 3 m/s2
      • High angular positioning speed of the rotating C axis with Tandem drive reducing positioning times
      • Integration of processes equals minimus set -ups… equals efficiency!
      • Machining accessories to perform different machining operations
      • Quick and flexible ATC by robots for tools and accessories
    • Proven hydrostatic guides on C, X and Z axes which guarantees:
      • Long term guiding life
      • Roughing operations does not affect it for finishing operations
      • Improved surface quality
    • Very High Positioning Precision is achieved by:
      • Two motors and measuring scales on all axes
      • High structural rigidity
      • Cross-beam movement is the added W-axis, by positioning every 0.01mm as a gantry live axis.
    • Oversized design structure offers extreme accuracy and the highest precision hydrostatic guideways.
    • The RAM has an octagonal termo symmetrical design with high power and torque.
    • Ensures a high technical flexibility while machining complex workpieces.
    • VTL C & VTH C Series can be equipped with a wide range of accessories.
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