Milling Machinery

Moving Column Milling
LAGUN Moving Column Milling Machine

Moving Column Milling Machine

The universal nature of the moving column milling machine enables different types of machine to be defined thanks to the independence of the part anchoring from the machine itself.

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LAGUN Transversal (T-Type)

Machine Large Parts with High Precision

For machining large parts with high-precision demands, Lagun supplies the Transversal (T-type) Gantry Milling Machines. By setting up several short movements and combining them, the precision qualities are maintained and large volume and medium-high load parts can be handled.

    • Flexible multi-axis configuration
    • A cost effective solution
    • Full CE safety specification


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LAGUN Travelling Column

Travelling Column Milling Machines

The line of travelling column milling machines is defined as a highly versatile model with a compact and robust design. It can deal with machining parts of up to 12 metres with minimal part weight limitations due to the saddle-column unit that moves longitudinally.

    • Modular design with a variety of configurations
    • A cost effective solution
    • Full CE safety specification


Bed-Type Milling
Lagun Bed-Type

Versatile Bed-Type Milling Machines

Lagun’s bed-type milling machines offer a wide range of applications  with great versatility. With different machine sizes available, the bearing guides adapt to suit the load and starting capacity.

    • Offering great versatility
    • Finish parts with one machine set-up
    • Greater flexibility


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