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Multi-Process Lathe
Geminis Multi-Process

Multi-Process Lathes - Finish Parts with One Set-Up

Multifunction machines, which combine lathing, milling, boring and grinding operations, have a several of advantages over conventional machines. One major benefit of integrating the capacity to perform several machining processes in one machine – parts can be finished in one go without machine changes.

    • Time saving and improved delivery times
    • Cost reduction
    • Improved part quality, increased precision and a smaller risk of errors
    • Savings in equipment, plant area and intermediate warehouses
    • Better production management and machine work load
    • Technological differentiation from the competition


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WFL M100
Turn Mill

Save on Turn Mill Costs by Using One Tool in Different Angular Positions

The leading provider in complete turn mill technology, WFL brings together the multi functional turning and milling combination, with complete measuring operations, lending WFL Millturns as the complete solution.

    • State of the art turn mill NC technology
    • Tool can be inverted for clockwise and anti clockwise machining
    • High material removal rate and surface quality
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Nakamura-Tome CNC Lathe & Multitasking Machines

Lathe and Multitasking Machinery with the Fastest Ever Cycle Time

Assembled by hand, each Nakamura-Tome lathe and multitasking machine is craftsman built for unmatched accuracy. As industry leaders, Nakamura-Tome lathe machines offer full turning and milling power, with the fastest cycle time. New to the range is the Nakamura-Tome NTRX 300. With a highly rigid design, the NTRX 300’s X and Y axis travel ensures a wide machining range.

    • Y and B axis machining
    • 2-in-1 lathes for high-performance machine processing
    • Opposed twin spindle, twin turret construction for precision machining
    • High power, high torque milling motors on upper and lower turrets
    • X and Y axis travel ensures a wide machining range.The X-axis travel 125mm below the spindle center.
    • Highly Rigid Design. All units are located on the main frame vertically for high rigidity.
    • Operator-friendly design. Spindle center is easy to reach, thanks to 450mm distance from the machine front and 1100mm height from the floor.
    • Modular design. Choose from R-spindle type or tailstock type
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