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Wheelset Machinery
Geminis Wheelset Machining GR7-S

Wheel Set Machining

Geminis GR7-S is a horizontal lather for high power cutting used in wheelset machining. The machine is also capable of machining axles and loose wheels.

  • Max. Wheel tread diameter mm 840 1.250
    Track gaude mm 1.435 1.435
    Max. wheelset weight kg 5.000 8.000
    Max. Axle length mm 3.000 – 4.000 3.000 – 4.000
    Main motor power kW 30/51* 51/71*
    Machine dimensions mm 3.600 x 3.000 x 8.900 4.610 x 3.300 x 9.300
    Machine weight kg 18.500 25.000
    Radial run out mm <0’10
    Accuracy of profile mm <0’15
    Difference in diameters between wheels mm <0’10
    Roughness of surface mm <0’012
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Wheel Hub Boring Machine
Geminis Wheels Machining GR3

Railway wheel hub boring maching

Geminis vertical machine for wheel hub boring applications.

  • Max. Wheel tread diameter mm 860…1.250*
    Min. Wheel tread diameter mm 580
    Chuck diameter mm 1.200 – 1.500*
    Max. Boring diameter mm 350
    Max. Weight over table kg 3.000
    Main motor power kW 22
    Speed range r.p.m. 0…500
    Machine taper HSK 63ª
    Automatic tool changer 12 – 20* – 30*
    Machine dimensions mm 4.200 x 5.000 x 3.900
    Machine weight Kg 15.000
    Boring accuracy IT6 – IT7
    Roundness mm <0’02
    Cilindricity mm <0’02
    Roughness of surface mm <1’2
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Railway Axle Machining
Geminis Axle Machining GR5-A

Axle Machining for Railway

Geminis GR5-A horizontal lathe for axle machining produces high precision finishing. Geminis specialised knowledge of the railway industry enable manufacturing and maintenance of rolling stock undercarriage parts, including axles. Customisable to suit your requirements, options for double turret, grinding and burnishing devices, automatic loading and more.

  • Swing over bed mm 1.000 – 1.200*
    Swing over cross slide mm 600 – 800*
    Max. Axle length mm 3.000 – 4.000*
    Max. Axle weight kg 5.000
    Spindle nose DIN 55026-11
    Spindle range r.p.m. 0 … 1.400
    Main motor power kW 28 – 37*
    Rapid traverse m/min 8
    Quill diameter mm 160
    Machine dimensions mm 3.100 x 2.600 x 8.900
    Machine weight kg 16.000
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Moving Column Milling
LAGUN Moving Column Milling Machine

Moving Column Milling Machine

The universal nature of the moving column milling machine enables different types of machine to be defined thanks to the independence of the part anchoring from the machine itself.

  • LAGUN Moving Column Milling Machine Video

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GMTK Heavy Industries Multitasking Vertical Lathe

Multipurpose Lathes for any Combination of Manufacturing Processes

The GMTK VR range line allows for any combination of manufacturing processes like turning, milling and drilling in all rotary and linear axes, as well as grinding and boring in one set-up with a high degree of automation. This concept is individually tailored to the manufacturing purposes of each customer.


    • Huge productivity improvements, due to a reduction of non-cutting times thanks to:
      • High dynamics by two motors on all linear axes at 40m / min and accelerations at 3 m/s2
      • High angular positioning speed of the rotating C axis with Tandem drive reducing positioning times
      • Integration of processes equals minimus set -ups… equals efficiency!
      • Machining accessories to perform different machining operations
      • Quick and flexible ATC by robots for tools and accessories
    • Proven hydrostatic guides on C, X and Z axes which guarantees:
      • Long term guiding life
      • Roughing operations does not affect it for finishing operations
      • Improved surface quality
    • Very High Positioning Precision is achieved by:
      • Two motors and measuring scales on all axes
      • High structural rigidity
      • Cross-beam movement is the added W-axis, by positioning every 0.01mm as a gantry live axis.
    • Oversized design structure offers extreme accuracy and the highest precision hydrostatic guideways.
    • The RAM has an octagonal termo symmetrical design with high power and torque.
    • Ensures a high technical flexibility while machining complex workpieces.
    • VTL C & VTH C Series can be equipped with a wide range of accessories.
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Makino iQ300
Ultra Precision

Makino iQ300 Designed for Ultra Precision Machining

The Makino iQ300 is capable of accurately machining parts that are continually becoming smaller in size, yet more advanced in functionality. Suitable for the creation of different parts such as; medical equipment, mobile phones, optical components and more, this machine is highly efficient to get the job done.

A micro milling machine designed for ultra precision performance, the Makino iQ300 is the ideal solution for manufacturers of LED tooling, optic surface finishes and more high-tolerance machining applications. The capabilities of this machine extend from sub-micron machining accuracy and repeatability to large-scale machining operations.

The machine has a superior component temperature control system, which ensures precise and predictable results, with the need for continuous process parameter adjustments eliminated. The iQ300 comprehensively measures tool tool lengths to sub-micron levels of accuracy and repeatability. This ensures simple and predictable tool blends with a range of cutting tools, spindle speeds and machining depths.

The Makino iQ300 comes with user-friendly software developed especially for high feed rate, tight tolerance machining of complex 3D shapes, and this guarantees much faster production rates than standard CNC systems, while maintaining supreme accuracy at all times.

    • Positioning: adoption of a 5-mm scale feedback system.
    • Drive motors: XYZ-axes all feature linear motors.
    • Feed axis: adoption of ultra-precision rolling guideways.
    • Linear state-of-the-art motor design.
    • Automatic lubrication.
    • Equipped with nozzle coolant and a splash and chip shield.
    • LED worklight.
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Makino a61nx
Makino a61nx

Achieve High Productivity with Makino's a61nx

Multiple technologies on the a61nx reduce non-cut time, while Inertia Active Control monitors motor load and estimates total fixture weight.  

  • More spindle power & higher machine strength

    Makino’s machines are well-known for their reliability and low maintenance, and nx tools are here to prove that once more. Casting design and extensive roller-type linear guides ensure higher stiffness, load capacities, and precision. These machines have incredible flexibility to meet changing production volumes, shorter part life cycles and reduced machining costs.

    The Makino a61nx is especially suited for the production of parts used in the auto industry or any industry that requires large precise parts.


      • Expanded work envelope 
      • More spindle power
      • Delivery of consistent quality
      • Higher machine strength
      • Higher productivity 
      • Expanding reliability
  • Makino a61nx Video

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Makino a81nx

Perfect for Hard Metal Cutting

Excellent indexing accuracy with a broad range of applications

Proven, high-quality technologies like single piece X & Z axis way covers allow the Makino tradition of delivering the highest levels of reliability. 

With the new a81nx hard metal cutting tools, two new spindle designs provide serious productivity rates in cutting and non-cutting performance, while duty rated power levels have increased 25% over the previous model.

Other advantages of the a81nx include a wide range of potential applications, an even better chip disposal system, more user-friendly operability, and a higher degree of automation. But let’s not forget its energy-saving functions of these hard metal cutting tools as well. 

  • Benefits

      • Enhanced rigidity and machining capability
      • Improved utilisation of machining area
      • Excellent indexing accuracy
      • A broad range of applications
      • Reduced cycle times
      • Increased productivity 
      • Lower power consumption
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High Precision

Makino 5 Axis Vertical Machining Centers for Absolute Accuracy

5 axis vertical machining centers from Makino enable high precision engineering. The Makino V33i, V56i and V77 pursue absolute accuracy while producing superb quality parts. Each machine allows for different size machining and are suitable for a wide variety of projects.

Renowned for offering the highest level of accuracy and repeatability in the industry, the Makino 5 axis vertical machining centers have less lost motion and higher stiffness and rigidity than comparable 5 axis machines.

The high precision range provide one-setup access to complex, multiple-sided parts, which in turn reduces handling and costs. Facilitating access to undercut areas, oddly positioned features and intricate geometrical shapes, the machines are incredibly versatile and come equipped with shorter tool lengths. The high precision range from Makino hold the best tool life and surface finish characteristics in the marketplace.

The high precision machines can also be used for blending and matching complex multi-plane surfaces – common within die/mold production.


    • Perfect solution for dies/molds and precision parts.
    • Core-cooled ballscrews on all axes, including; temperature control of the bearings support bracket area and motor mounting area – ensuring sufficient component temperatures are maintained.
    • Provides highest accuracy and repeatability in the industry, with less lost motion and a greater level of stiffness and rigidity.
    • Highly acclaimed on shop floors everywhere.
    • Y-axis travel of 700 mm.
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LAGUN Transversal (T-Type)

Machine Large Parts with High Precision

For machining large parts with high-precision demands, Lagun supplies the Transversal (T-type) Gantry Milling Machines. By setting up several short movements and combining them, the precision qualities are maintained and large volume and medium-high load parts can be handled.

    • Flexible multi-axis configuration
    • A cost effective solution
    • Full CE safety specification


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LAGUN Travelling Column

Travelling Column Milling Machines

The line of travelling column milling machines is defined as a highly versatile model with a compact and robust design. It can deal with machining parts of up to 12 metres with minimal part weight limitations due to the saddle-column unit that moves longitudinally.

    • Modular design with a variety of configurations
    • A cost effective solution
    • Full CE safety specification


Bed-Type Milling
Lagun Bed-Type

Versatile Bed-Type Milling Machines

Lagun’s bed-type milling machines offer a wide range of applications  with great versatility. With different machine sizes available, the bearing guides adapt to suit the load and starting capacity.

    • Offering great versatility
    • Finish parts with one machine set-up
    • Greater flexibility


  • Lagun Bed-Type Video

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Multi-Process Lathe
Geminis Multi-Process

Multi-Process Lathes - Finish Parts with One Set-Up

Multifunction machines, which combine lathing, milling, boring and grinding operations, have a several of advantages over conventional machines. One major benefit of integrating the capacity to perform several machining processes in one machine – parts can be finished in one go without machine changes.

    • Time saving and improved delivery times
    • Cost reduction
    • Improved part quality, increased precision and a smaller risk of errors
    • Savings in equipment, plant area and intermediate warehouses
    • Better production management and machine work load
    • Technological differentiation from the competition


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Gantry Type 5-Axis

5-axis CNC Machining Center for Steel, Aluminum, Resin and Composite Machining

The new challenger in high-speed composite machining, Breton FLYMILL machining centers are the choice for medium, large and very large CNC composite machining.

    • Rotational speeds of up to 40,000 rpm and 137Nm torque
    • Four models in the FLYMILL range for horizontal and vertical composite machining
    • Thermally stabilised electrospindles, specifically designed for composite machining
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WFL M100
Turn Mill

Save on Turn Mill Costs by Using One Tool in Different Angular Positions

The leading provider in complete turn mill technology, WFL brings together the multi functional turning and milling combination, with complete measuring operations, lending WFL Millturns as the complete solution.

    • State of the art turn mill NC technology
    • Tool can be inverted for clockwise and anti clockwise machining
    • High material removal rate and surface quality
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Makino V56i-GR
Graphite Machining

Graphite Machining Centers Deliver Speed and Accuracy

Low vibration, high speed machining, the graphite machining centers from Makino deliver consistent high accuracy performance when machining small molds for mobile phones, digital camera components, IC molds connectors and engineering plastics.

Boasting high speed, accuracy and flexibility, this range can machine a variety of other materials, including steel. With their low vibration and high speed spindles, the graphite machining centers can dry-machine steel, graphite and castings, for consistently high performance.

The V22 Graphite is equipped with the Makino Professional 6 control, with a Windows CE operating system to deliver a stable, secure platform with a user-friendly interface. This innovative latest-generation machine is outfitted with large, colour, touch-screen applications.

The V33i Graphite has core-cooled ballscrews, support bearings and motor mounts – and a core-cooled saddle design which provides accuracy in long cycle time. The spindle offers Makino’s dynamic cooling system and under-race lubrication system, minimising spindle distortion at high spindle speeds.

The V77 Graphite is supplied with a low vibration, high speed no.40 spindle with Makino’s GI.5 control to deliver high accuracy, speedy machining. Featuring a fully enclosed splash back guard, graphite dust is completely sealed, ensuring a clean and tidy workshop environment.

    • Most graphite machining models also designed for steel machining.
    • Fully enclosed splash guard to seal graphite dust for a clean shop floor.
    • Dry casting machining also possible.
  • Graphite Machining Video

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Makino RAM EDM

Process 30% Faster with a Makino RAM EDM Machine

Incorporating the widest line-up of high-tech advancements in one affordable package, the Makino RAM EDM machine range gives superior speed; repeatability and surface finish for the precision parts that matter.

    • Ideal choice for micro-machining aerospace, medical, and telecommunication precision parts
    • Unmatched level of repeatability in the sub micron range
    • Rugged construction and simple programming for many applications
  • Makino RAM EDM Video

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Makino U3
Makino Wire EDM

Industry Leader in Low Wire Consumption and Wire EDM Technologies

From prototype to fully automated parts production, Makino’s Wire EDM technology is equipped with new advancements in high-tension wire technology, for the versatility you need, with the performance you want.

    • H.E.A.T (High Energy Applied Technology) provides optimum Wire EDM machining performance for every application
    • Mix of speed, accuracy and low wire consumption for the highest level of efficiency
    • Features Hyper-i control system for intuitive and interactive functionality
  • Makino Wire EDM Video

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Nakamura-Tome CNC Lathe & Multitasking Machines

Lathe and Multitasking Machinery with the Fastest Ever Cycle Time

Assembled by hand, each Nakamura-Tome lathe and multitasking machine is craftsman built for unmatched accuracy. As industry leaders, Nakamura-Tome lathe machines offer full turning and milling power, with the fastest cycle time. New to the range is the Nakamura-Tome NTRX 300. With a highly rigid design, the NTRX 300’s X and Y axis travel ensures a wide machining range.

    • Y and B axis machining
    • 2-in-1 lathes for high-performance machine processing
    • Opposed twin spindle, twin turret construction for precision machining
    • High power, high torque milling motors on upper and lower turrets
    • X and Y axis travel ensures a wide machining range.The X-axis travel 125mm below the spindle center.
    • Highly Rigid Design. All units are located on the main frame vertically for high rigidity.
    • Operator-friendly design. Spindle center is easy to reach, thanks to 450mm distance from the machine front and 1100mm height from the floor.
    • Modular design. Choose from R-spindle type or tailstock type
  • Nakamura-Tome CNC Lathe & Multitasking Machines Video

Makino 5-axis
Vertical Machining 5-Axis

Makino 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center for the Highest Accuracy on the Market

The Makino 5-axis vertical machining center range are the most accurate machines on the market, designed to maximise thermal stability ad eliminate cumultative errors that are commonly found in other 5-axis applications. This range delivers the ultimate dynamic accuracy, thanks to the rotary axes.

All machines in this range include Makino’s innovative next generation technology, Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4) motion control technology. This unique technology provides the lowest cycle time possible, which is critical in allowing a Makino machine to process toolpath data at a higher, more accurate speed – while generating the highest quality finish possible.

SGI.4 also slashes time for complex operations, while significantly reducing manual polishing and rework, as the finished product is always of optimum quality.

Renowned for their versatility, this machine range from Makino is ideal for high speed machining operations that require accuracy and precision.


    • Dynamic accuracy within a 5-axis configuration.
    • Every machine in this range includes SGI.4 motion control technology for faster tool path data processing.
    • Reduced cycle times for complex 5-axis applications.
    • Eliminates the need for manual polishing and secondary operations.
    • The speed of the axes guarantee enhanced productivity within a wide range of workpieces and materials.
  • Vertical Machining 5-Axis Video

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Vertical Machining Center

Makino Precision Vertical Machining Center: Reliability, Accuracy and Stability

The Makino Vertical Machining Center is the highest performance machine for demanding workpieces. The precision machining center eliminates vibration, rotational deflection and thermal distortion, which guarantees optimum precision, accuracy, reliability and stability.

Comprehensively designed in order to machine complex materials including; ceramics, intricate cores and cavities, the Makino Vertical Machining Center boasts a standard 11.3-hp continuous 40,000-rpm spindle, combined with a core-cooling and under-race lubrication system – unique to Makino.

The precision machine is equipped with integral features that enhance the machine’s capabilities, with no overhangs and integrally casted slideways for outstanding rigidity. The rapid traverse vastly enhances productivity, thanks to the high cutting speeds. This also significantly reduces any out-of-cut time while increasing metal removal rates.

Whether you are machining parts measured in microns, or creating workpieces weighing by the ton, the Makino Vertical Machining Center will create your piece with precision, accuracy, and a surface finish requiring no bench work.

    • Vertical machining center that offers speed, power and flexibility.
    • High speed machining of hardened steels with superb accuracy.
    • Designed to provide stiffness and rigidity for chatter-free cutting.
    • Machining area is suited to small workpieces, with the machine itself built on a compact footprint, ensuring that no warehouse floor space is wasted.
    • Power consumption (15 kVA) is signifcantly reduced using the Makino Vertical Machining Center.
    • Optional automatic tool length measuring device that can meticulously measure and correct both the tool tip position and the rotating spindle nose enables you to easily achieve a higher quality level of machined surfaces with minimal differences.
  • Precision Video

Horizontal Machining 5-Axis
Horizontal 5-Axis

The 5-axis Horizontal Machining Center for Ultimate Productivity

With ultra-high-accuracy rotary axes, and superior motion-control systems, the 5-axis horizontal machining center from Makino will reduce part cycle times for greater return on investment.

    • World-class efficiency in contoured parts
    • Configurable to any automated manufacturing environment
    • 95% spindle utilisation when integrated into an automated system
  • Horizontal 5-Axis Video

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4-axis Horizontal Machining Center

4-Axis Horizontal Machining Center for Durability and Reliability

For efficient production of ferrous and non-ferrous parts, 4-axis Horizontal Machining Centers from Makino are the reliable solution for 4-axis CNC machining.

Built on the immensely successful a51 platform, the Makino a51nx is a 400mm horizontal machining center with key high performance machining technologies that take productivity, accuracy and machine reliability to the next level.

The 14,000-rpm high-speed, high-power spindle is equipped with 240 Nm of torque, which makes it an excellent fit for ferrous and non-ferrous part production.

With 1G axis acceleration and a standard direct-drive motor B-axis, non cut times are significantly minimised, while a solid casting design and roller-type linear guides guarantee that the whole a51nx work envelope is used to its full potential.

The dynamic 4-axis Horizontal Machining Center provides the foundation for industry-leading dependability and high performance machining capability, with one-piece way covers (X and Z) along with a dual-supported tool-change arm.

    • 14,000-rpm high-speed, high-power spindle features 240 Nm of torque, making it well suited for ferrous and non-ferrous part production.
    • 1G axis acceleration and a standard direct-drive motor B-axis minimises non-cut times.
    • Built by industry leaders in speed, accuracy and precision.
    • Designed and built for long-term reliability.
    • Maintains accuracy and productivity for a longer period.
    • Highest residual value in the industry – up to 20% over 10 years.
  • a51nx Video

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