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Five CNC Machines Ready for Immediate Delivery

11 October

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We currently have five CNC machines in stock ready for immediate delivery. 

Nakamura-Tome AS200 LMY Lathe

  • Compact design with heavy cutting capabilities.
  • 4-axis simultaneous cutting.
  • Equipped with Parts Catcher, Additional M-codes and Tailstock.
  • Fitted with LNS Swiss chip conveyors. 
  • High pressure coolant pump. 

Nakamura-Tome AS200 LMYS 

  • Multi-tasking turning center. 
  • Sub spindle allows for more versatile back-end machining. 
  • Equipped with Parts Catcher and Additional M-codes. 
  • Fitted with LNS Swiss chip conveyors.
  • High pressure coolant pump.

Maxiem 1530 

  • Abrasive waterjet cutter.
  • Cuts through marble, glass, titanium, carbon fiber and much more. 
  • Linear encoders provide instant micron-level cutting head position feedback. 
  • Fitted with a diamond-integrated nozzle to cut at high speed. 
  • OMAX’s Direct Pump technology allows for more efficient cutting. 

TruBend 7036

  • TRUMPF CNC Press Brake. 
  • Adjustable arm, foot rests, pivoting control panel and seated operation.
  • Optimised material flow.
  • Offline programming. 
  • Fast moving machine axes and high acceleration. 

TruLaser 3030 Fiber 

  • TRUMPF Fiber Laser with BrightLine. 
  • High performance and quality cutting. 
  • Automatic nozzle changer.
  • Low operating cost. 
  • Optionally equipped with RotoLas for tube processing. 

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