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Headland’s Sheet Metal Application Technical Support Services

11 September

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TRUMPF Application Specialists

Our Sheet Metal Application Technical Support helps you realise your smart factory vision

A typical approach we’d take to realise your smart factory vision would be the following steps;


Headland in conjunction with our partner TRUMPF, have teamed together to provide a consulting service, where we will work together with you and analyse your entire process flow, from quotation all the way through to cash.

We can help you to become a factory of the future where you hold the competitive advantage in your market.
You will benefit from:

  • Reduction in indirect processes, both upstream and downstream.
  • Plan more efficiently.
  • Program jobs faster.
  • Process shipping automatically.
  • Increased machine utilisation.
  • Better productivity.
  • Reduced material flow on your shop floor.
  • Less waiting time.
  • Continuous production flow.
  • Having a fully networked facility.
  • Manage tools digitally.
  • Set-up machines automatically.
  • System support with warehouse management.
  • Use the best processing strategy to produce parts with optimised set up.
  • Always having important information at hand.
  • Less paper.

If you’d like to know more, we’d be happy to talk to you about your business priorities and how we can help.