Makino Precision Vertical Machining Center - Reliability, Accuracy and Stability

The Makino Vertical Machining Center is the highest performance machine for demanding work pieces.

The precision machining center eliminates vibration, rotational deflection and thermal distortion, which guarantees optimum precision, accuracy, reliability and stability.

Comprehensively designed in order to machine complex materials including; ceramics, intricate cores and cavities, the Makino Vertical Machining Center boasts a standard 11.3-hp continuous 40,000-rpm spindle, combined with a core-cooling and under-race lubrication system – unique to Makino.

The precision machine is equipped with integral features that enhance the machine’s capabilities, with no overhangs and integrally casted slideways for outstanding rigidity. The rapid traverse vastly enhances productivity, thanks to the high cutting speeds. This also significantly reduces any out-of-cut time while increasing metal removal rates.

Whether you are machining parts measured in microns, or creating workpieces weighing by the ton, the Makino Vertical Machining Center will create your piece with precision, accuracy, and a surface finish requiring no bench work.

Vertical machining center that offers speed, power and flexibility.

High speed machining of hardened steels with superb accuracy.

Designed to provide stiffness and rigidity for chatter-free cutting.

Machining area is suited to small workpieces, with the machine itself built on a compact footprint, ensuring that no warehouse floor space is wasted.

Power consumption (15 kVA) is signifcantly reduced using the Makino Vertical Machining Center.

Optional automatic tool length measuring device that can meticulously measure and correct both the tool tip position and the rotating spindle nose enables you to easily achieve a higher quality level of machined surfaces with minimal differences.

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