Makino iQ300 - Designed for Ultra Precision Machining

Makino iQ300 – for Ultra Precision

The Makino iQ300 is capable of accurately machining parts that are continually becoming smaller in size, yet more advanced in functionality. Suitable for the creation of different parts such as; medical equipment, mobile phones, optical components and more, this machine is highly efficient to get the job done.

A micro milling machine designed for ultra precision performance, the Makino iQ300 is the ideal solution for manufacturers of LED tooling, optic surface finishes and more high-tolerance machining applications. The capabilities of this machine extend from sub-micron machining accuracy and repeatability to large-scale machining operations.

The machine has a superior component temperature control system, which ensures precise and predictable results, with the need for continuous process parameter adjustments eliminated. The iQ300 comprehensively measures tool tool lengths to sub-micron levels of accuracy and repeatability. This ensures simple and predictable tool blends with a range of cutting tools, spindle speeds and machining depths.

The Makino iQ300 comes with user-friendly software developed especially for high feed rate, tight tolerance machining of complex 3D shapes, and this guarantees much faster production rates than standard CNC systems, while maintaining supreme accuracy at all times.

Positioning: adoption of a 5-mm scale feedback system.

Drive motors: XYZ-axes all feature linear motors.

Feed axis: adoption of ultra-precision rolling guideways.

Linear state-of-the-art motor design.

Automatic lubrication.

Equipped with nozzle coolant and a splash and chip shield.

LED worklight.

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