Makino Graphite Machining Centers - Speed and Accuracy

Low Vibration. High-speed. Accurate. Flexible.

Makino’s Graphite Machine Centers deliver consistent, high accuracy performance. Ideal for machining:

– small molds for mobile phones

– digital camera components

– IC molds connectors; and

– engineering plastics.

This range can machine a variety of other materials, including steel.  You can dry-machine steel, graphite, and castings for consistent high performance.

The V22 Graphite includes:

– Makino’s Professional 6 control, with a Windows CE operating system. For a stable, secure platform with an easy-to-use interface. This innovative latest-generation machine has large, colour, touch-screen applications.

The V77 Graphite includes:

– Low vibration, high speed no.40 spindle

– Makino’s GI.5 control to deliver high accuracy, and speedy machining; and

– An enclosed splash back guard.

Graphite dust is completely sealed, ensuring a clean and tidy workshop environment.

Low vibration, high-speed spindles.

Most graphite machining models are also designed for steel machining.

Enclosed splash guard to seal graphite dust for a clean shop floor.

Dry casting machining is also possible.

The V33i Graphite: Machine graphite or other materials like steel.

The V33i Graphite includes:

– A core-cooled saddle design for accuracy in long cycle time.

– Core-cooled ballscrews on all axes. This includes temperature control of the bearings support bracket and motor mounting area. This maintains component temperatures.

– Temperature control of saddle and spindle carrier using oil passageways and temperature-controlled oil. Experience tight control over saddle and carrier temperatures.

– Separate oilmatic unit for tight temperature control of machine elements.

Guideway hydraulic circuit on the X-axis:

– This reduces friction and heat generation; and

– Maintains strict control over geometries and accuracies.

The spindle offers Makino’s dynamic cooling system and under-race lubrication system. This minimises spindle distortion at high spindle speeds.

Nano slideway to control machine thermal growth: This provides sustained accuracy in long cycle-time, complex geometry die/mold work.

Integrated spindle and drive motor rotor reduces vibration during high-speed operating.

The best axis layout with no overhangs, for total accuracy and excellent performance. Polished to a perfect finish, the integrated guideways provide rigidity.

For die and mold applications, increase and maintain precision for a long time.

There are X- and Z-axes on the spindle and Y-axis under the table.

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