Makino a61nx- Hoziontal Machining 4-Axis

Makino a61nx – More spindle power & higher machine strength

Multiple technologies on the a61nx reduce non-cut time, while Inertia Active Control monitors motor load and estimates total fixture weight.

Makino’s machines are well-known for their reliability and low maintenance, and nx tools are here to prove that once more. Casting design and extensive roller-type linear guides ensure higher stiffness, load capacities, and precision. These machines have incredible flexibility to meet changing production volumes, shorter part life cycles and reduced machining costs.

The Makino a61nx is especially suited for the production of parts used in the auto industry or any industry that requires large precise parts.


High Speed Power Spindle

500mm, 40-taper production horizontal machining center

The 14,000-rpm high-speed, high-power spindle features 303 Nm of torque

Tackle ferrous applications that traditionally would be run on 50 taper machines.


Accuracy and Reliability

Reduce non-cut time, providing benefits in automotive and high volume part production

Inertia Active Control monitors motor load and estimates total fixture weight

IAC optimizes the acceleration and deceleration of the heavily utilized B and Z-axis

Multiple Options

The a61nx production machining center is available in a tall column (730mm) version for part applications that require larger strokes

Unique way-cover design, dual-supported tool-change arm and Makino spindle technology provide the foundation for industry-leading reliability

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