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CEO Update: A Message from George Yammouni

16 February

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George Yammouni

February 16, 2021

Feels like good news all round lately …

The Ai Group’s Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index rose to 55.3 points over the December and January holiday period, this is an increase of 3.2 points from November. Fiscal and monetary policies are suggested as the main contributors. That’s code for government grants!

The NZ PMI contracted by 6 points over the holiday period however, this effect is not expected to last long and as the NZ Vaccination program rolls out, consumer and business confidence is expected to rebound strongly.

At Headland 

Led by a very strong performance in our Sheet Metal (TRUMPF) division, Headland has posted excellent order bookings for the current financial year with 4 months remaining. Significantly exceeding expectations. Major projects are equally distributed across Vic, Qld, NSW and S.A.  We are very appreciative and delighted with the Australian and NZ manufacturing sector’s determination to modernise, rationalise and automate for competitive advantage. We’ve seen excellent results in TRUMPF laser cutting, STOPA storage, Makino, Nakamura-Tome, Omax, Soco and the Hanel product lines. We’re also very excited to have the first of the new TruBend Cell 7000 (world’s fastest automated bending cell) on its way to an Australian client in the coming months. Additionally, we’ve been blessed with fantastic support from our key OEM’s who have continued to give Australian clients a high priority in production schedules with almost all orders being delivered ex-works on time in full throughout the pandemic.

Our building of the service department continues and the technical first responder model is receiving very positive client feedback after some initial teething problems. Now largely fixed. Please keep the feedback coming. It’s very important to us and very welcome. Especially ideas for continuous improvement.

The Headland Projects team under the leadership of Richard Wong is emerging as a powerhouse in installations, relocations and refurbishing activities. Further investments and additions to Richard’s team are imminent.

This month I’d also like to acknowledge the efforts of the whole Headland team who have been involved in the ISO accreditation program. I hope to give you some great news post-audit in the next 30-60 days.

In closing, and in celebration of the wonderfully rich diversity of our AU/NZ staff and client community, especially those celebrating Chinese New Year, I say … Gong Xi Fa Cai and Hong Bao Na Lai 😊.

George Yammouni
Chief Executive Officer