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Established in 1949

Enabling Innovation

Enable the growth of your manufacturing business, with Headland as your independent advisor. Machinery, technology, and automation are our focus. Headland’s goal is to improve your bottom line, through improved efficiencies and expanded capabilities.

Our vision is to help you embrace innovation, leading software and machine technology. The future includes IoT, Industry 4.0, automation, additive manufacturing, and smart factories. We envisage people, machines, automation, and software interacting together in networked production. This scenario will soon become commonplace. Read about our products.

How it All Began

Manufacturing has undergone some significant changes in Australia over the last 70 years.

When Headland began operations in Burwood, Victoria in 1949, it started out as a small machine and specialist parts supplier, selling and servicing machine tools and spare parts to the local manufacturing sector.

Fast forward to today and Headland provide leading-edge technology solutions to Australian clients such as Cochlear, Sistema, RUAG and Qantas to name a few.

It may be tempting to say things have changed a lot at Headland. But the fundamentals remain unchanged. Headland remains a family business where technological innovation and a solutions-based focus has always been and remains central to the way it does business.

Before taking over the business in 1979, current Headland Director, Peter Kloé, worked as a Product Engineer for Siemens in Germany and Production Manager for the Ford Motor Company in North America. Co-director and pioneer of women in manufacturing, Dianne Kloé, began writing machine software in 1981 when computer science was still in its infancy.

The tradition of drive and innovation has continued with the Kloé children. Directors, Richard and Annaliese, have overseen Headland’s continued growth and exciting expansion into software solutions.

A focus on technological excellence and manufacturing solutions is central to Headland’s business model.

That focus on technology solutions continues today with Headland’s significant investment in information technology and the development of their NextService software; a software package that allows for next level field service excellence; operations management, inventory control, drag and drop scheduling, and real time monitoring.

Whether it’s been the latest machine technology from Europe in the ‘70s, becoming an exclusive TRUMPF distributor in the ‘80s, an innovator in 2D and 3D laser in the ‘90s, or 3D printing, advanced CNC, or the creation of the Advanced Manufacturing Division in the last two decades, Headland has been at the forefront of technology solutions provision in the domestic and global manufacturing sector.

Headland is more than a provider of machinery and technology, it is a solutions oriented organisation where understanding client needs and roadblocks inform the technology solution offered. It’s an approach not only hard-baked into Headland’s original ethos but one that remains integral to its growth vision.

Headland; enabling innovation.

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Software and Machinery Technology Specialists. Enabling Innovation for 70 Years

Our Vision is to help our clients become more successful through innovation, thought leadership, leading software and machinery technology. We have been around for a long time, since 1949. We have caring family values and are embracing the future with IoT, Industry 4.0, Automation and Additive Manufacturing. We believe that smart factories where people, machines, automation, and software perfectly interact together in a networked production, will become common place.

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