About Headland

Enabling innovation

Enable the growth of your manufacturing business, with Headland as your independent advisor. Machinery, technology, and automation are our focus. Headland’s goal is to improve your bottom line, through improved efficiencies and expanded capabilities.

Our vision is to help you embrace innovation, leading software and machine technology. The future includes IoT, Industry 4.0, automation, additive manufacturing, and smart factories. We envisage people, machines, automation, and software interacting together in networked production. This scenario will soon become commonplace.

Defining manufacturing excellence

Headland can help you become more successful. We have helped manufacturers access innovative, world-class machine tools for 70 years. Founded in 1949 and acquired by the Kloé family in 1979, our machinery brands are the world’s most reputable. We are proud to be an Australian owned, operated, multi-generational, family company.